K&N Banners, Metal Signs, Decals and Apparel Make for Great Decorations

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K&N metal sign

This K&N metal sign would be the crowning touch for any rec room, man cave, garage or shop.

Kids used to ride their Schwinn Sting Ray bikes to the local full-service gas station and beg the attendant for stickers. Anything automotive was acceptable: oils, fluids, tires, whatever. But the real gems were the stickers from the brands heavily involved in auto racing. Times have changed, but the desire remains among enthusiasts to be connected with brands participating in motorsports. And it's no longer stickers plastered to a banana seat, but metal signs, calendars, and banners for the walls of garages, rec rooms, man caves, and even offices that today's enthusiasts seek.

NASCAR K&N Pro Series banner

A must-have for fans of the NASCAR K&N Pro Series, this banner can be hung on the wall or displayed at the race track.

A must have, and a good first item for a new collection, is the K&N 89-11839, a 72-inch by 42-inch nylon screen print banner with metal grommets in each of the four corners as well as one top center and another bottom center for a sag-free installation. It looks great in garages and shops as the size is proportional to the amount of empty wall space.

embroidered K&N patch

The K&N 89-0019 is an embroidered K&N patch that can spruce up that old jacket you have hanging in the back of the closet.

If your preference is for a metal signs, either for aesthetics or for durability, K&N has two options for you to consider. First is the K&N logo metal sign, part number 89-11837-2. The metal sign is 20 inches wide by 9 inches tall and features the K&N logo embossed in color. If you're looking for a little more flash, the same sized metal sign is available with the K&N logo and the caption "Superior Airflow. Superior Performance." That sign is part number 89-11837-2. Each sign already has small holes drilled in each corner so it can be pinned or nailed-up for display. Two strips of double-sided tape are also included as a mounting option.

If you're a fan of the K&N NASCAR Pro Series - East or West - a primary stepping stones for young drivers fighting to move up to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, K&N has a banner for you. The part number is 89-11843, and it's a 72-inch by 42-inch nylon screen print banner featuring the official K&N NASCAR Pro Series logo. Mount it in your garage or man cave, or roll it up and stash it in your RV so you can display it proudly at the next race you attend.

K&N stickers and decal kit

If you are looking to sticker up your toolbox, garage fridge, or fender, K&N has a large selection of decals, like 89-11831 which is a collection of 7 decals.


K&N hat

Visit K& to view the wide variety of clothing options that K&N offers.

K&N also offers a large selection of decals to adorn your tool box, bumper, trailer, or anything else you want to sticker bomb. You can see the whole selection of promo gear by visiting K&N's promotional item page.

So the time is now. You may have missed out of that one sticker you wanted for your bike as a kid, but you can make up for it by ordering the K&N metal signs, banners, and calendars that will perfectly complement your man cave, rec room, shop, garage, RV, or office.

You can also view all the K&N performance products for any vehicle by using the Search by Vehicle tool and you can find a local K&N retailer by plugging your location into the K&N Dealer Search as well.


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