The Legendary Yamaha Banshee YFZ350 Deserves a Legendary Performance Air Filter

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Yamaha Banshee ATV Air Filter

The YA-3502 K&N air filter is designed to fit the air box of the Yamaha Banshee ATV with precision.

Like the Shelby Mustang GT350 that shares part of its name, the Yamaha YFZ350, more commonly referred to as the Banshee 350 or just the Banshee, is a giant killer. Neither were the most powerful in their class, but by paying close attention to keeping weight to a minimum (just 400 lbs.) and putting a premium on maneuverability, the Banshee is said to have been able to run circles around the muscle cars of its day.

K&N YA-3502 air filter

Like all K&N filters, the YA-3502 air filter is designed to provide increased horsepower and torque.

That’s pretty impressive performance for a 350cc two-stroke engine, but it’s a motor that Yamaha had been developing for a number of years. Plucked from the RZ350 sport bike for ATV use, the engine actually dates back to RD350 of 1972, itself a giant killer capable of reaching 0-60 in just 4 seconds – a feat no production car could do at the time. Not surprising then, to learn that the engine was developed in the heat of motorsports. All this careful development provided the Banshee not only the best two-stroke engine ATV, but in fact the only two-stroke engine ATV. And while the Banshee differs in some details from its two wheel counterparts, the engines remain extremely closely related.

This level of performance made the Banshee extremely popular with ATV enthusiasts, making it the most popular ATV of all times. While production was in Japan, sales in the US began in 1987 and ran through 2006. It was just too difficult to meet US emission regulations with a two-stroke engine so Yamaha dropped both its two-stroke ATV and motorcycles at around the same time. Differences in regulations allowed sales to continue in Canada until 2008 and Australia until 2012.

So while the Banshee’s engine is the beneficiary of over a decade of high performance and motorsports development, larger and more powerful four-stroke ATVs have come into the market. Banshee owners find themselves looking for more power.

A simple solution is to add a K&N YA-3502 air filter, which has been developed to add horsepower and acceleration to your Yamaha YFZ350 through an increase of up to 50% more air flow. More air flow can result in better response when you twist the throttle, and more torque throughout the engine’s operating range.

K&N YA-3502 air filters are manufactured from multiple layers of oiled cotton filter media, rather than restrictive paper found in many OEM and replacement filters. This not only allows for increased air flow but also provides outstanding filtration characteristics to ensure your Yamaha’s long engine life. To back it up, K&N’s in-house ISO 5011 air filter filtration efficiency testing ensures that K&N replacement air filters provide high airflow without sacrificing engine protection.

The only maintenance required for a K&N ATV replacement filter is a service you can do yourself in no time at all.  Armed with the K&N 99-5000 air filter cleaning kit you can easily clean and re-oil your air filter -- bringing it back to brand-new condition and ready for many more miles of off-roading. Your K&N YA-3502 air filter comes with a one year limited warranty.

For even more protection, add a K&N YA-3502DK Drycharger, made of silicone-treated polyester with uniform micron-sized openings without impeding the air flow into the filter.

You can order the filter simply by clicking on the part number YA-3502 as well as order the air filter cleaning kit 99-5000.

To find additional K&N upgrades for cars, trucks, scooters, motorcycles, motorhomes, or almost anything with an engine, use the K&N search by vehicle tool or find an authorized K&N dealer nearby using the K&N dealer search tool.

The YA-3502 was developed for the following vehicles:

2006 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
2005 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
2004 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
2003 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
2002 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
2001 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
2000 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1999 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1998 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1997 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1996 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1995 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1994 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1993 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1992 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1991 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1990 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1989 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1988 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 - All
1987 YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 350 – All


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