Honda Insight, Fit and CR-Z Models with a K&N Cabin Air Filters Keep Their Green Edge

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VF2033 replacement cabin air filter for Honda subcompacts

The pleated design of the VF2033 replacement cabin air filter uses a greater surface area to capture dust and dirt particles as well as spores, mold, fungus, bacteria and germs.

Honda has never been shy about engineering and design innovation, and the carmaker competes at all levels of the marketplace. They have even populated a segment for the sporty economy hybrid hatchback. Honda's Insight, Fit and CR-Z are a distinctive mix of these concepts that certainly serve a serious driver demographic but are still mindful of the environment.

The Insight has evolved from its introduction in 2000 as aero two-seater into a 2014 four-door hatch that can economically pack bigger payloads around town and on road trips. The Fit, sportiest of the three, has been praised for its handling, fuel economy and people-carrying capacity. The CR-Z, the only manual-transmission-equipped hybrid available in the United States, is a true subcompact SUV that has pleased owners with its quick steering and nimble performance.

New for 2016 is Honda's HR-V, an entry-level subcompact crossover SUV, is described as a blend of the CR-V and the Pilot. It has generous space for four average-size adults and on other days, the bike or surfboard and overnight bags.

VF2033 replacement cabin air filter for Honda subcompacts

It is constructed of a special electrostatically treated synthetic media in a sturdy, but flexible frame, and is easily installed.

They are reasonably priced, with entry-level trims and packages, and address the changing world of limited resources while trying to make green driving fun. They offer excellent fuel mileage and affordable maintenance regimens, and K&N's washable, reusable replacement cabin air filters fit right into their philosophy.

The Insight and HR-V are equipped with automatic climate control, so you barely think about how healthy the interior air is on a daily basis. The CR-V has a three-mode drive selector that adjusts throttle, steering, transmission and air-conditioning usage accordingly. However, just like in older, less sophisticated vehicles, the simple act of replacing a cabin air filter helps keep these newer, highly engineered cars' systems functioning properly.

K&N Cabin Filter Cleaning Care Kit

The K&N Cabin Filter Cleaning Care Kit includes a cleaner, to apply before rinsing the filter, and a refresher that restores the electrostatic properties of the media.

The same K&N VF2033 replacement cabin air filter is designed to be used in all four Hondas and easily installed by their owners. It is constructed of a special electrostatically-treated synthetic media in a sturdy, but flexible frame. Its pleated design uses a greater surface area in order to capture dust and dirt particles along with spores, mold, fungus, bacteria and germs. Cleaning the filter is easily accomplished once a year or every 12,000 miles. Instead of filling up a landfill with dirty disposable filters, VF2033 can be sprayed with Refresher Kit cleaner, rinsed in running water then air dried. When dry, it can be sprayed with refresher to restore the electrostatic charge, and reinstalled. All of K&N's replacement cabin air filters are backed by a 10 year/100,000 mile limited warranty, should there be any failure in workmanship or materials. Its a win-win-win scenario, for the owner, for the vehicle, and for the environment.

VF2033 can replace the following part numbers:
Fram CF11182
Honda 80292TF0G01
WIX 49101

Vehicles that can be fitted with the K&N VF2033 Cabin Air Filter include:
2016 HONDA HR-V 1.8L L4
2016 HONDA FIT 1.5L L4
2015 HONDA FIT 1.5L L4
2015 HONDA CR-Z 1.5L L4
2014 HONDA FIT Electric
2014 HONDA CR-Z 1.5L L4
2013 HONDA FIT 1.5L L4
2013 HONDA CR-Z 1.5L L4
2012 HONDA FIT 1.5L L4
2012 HONDA CR-Z 1.5L L4
2011 HONDA FIT 1.5L L4
2011 HONDA CR-Z 1.5L L4
2010 HONDA FIT 1.5L L4
2009 HONDA FIT 1.5L L4

Identify and find a K&N replacement cabin air filter for your vehicle by using the Search by Vehicle tool and you can find a local K&N retailer by plugging your location into the K&N Dealer Search.


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