K&N Air Filters for Infiniti Luxury Performance Hybrids 35Mh and Q70 Add Performance

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As gasoline prices steadily snuck up toward $4 per gallon in the United States, auto manufacturers unleashed their engineering departments to create more fuel-efficient engines and powertrains. Gasoline-electric hybrid technology took root across many market segments, but the cars were pricey and owners would take years to realize any return on investment. While buyers sought the fuel sippers, they bemoaned their lack of performance (those batteries are heavy; those continuously variable transmissions are sluggish). The midsize luxury scene was an especially narrow niche with little to choose from until the arrival of the Infiniti M35h in 2012. The car was re-named Q70 in 2014, and approximately 26,000 were sold in the United States between 2012 and 2015.

Air Filter 33-5033

Infiniti M35h and Q70 Air Filter 33-5033

Nissan's fourth-generation Infiniti M, the M35h, suggested the idea of a "luxury performance hybrid" with some unique engineering, excellent fuel efficiency, a serene interior and some very impressive acceleration and braking numbers.

It introduced a parallel hybrid system with two clutches, one electric motor and no torque converter that allows the car to run on electric power at higher speeds at greater fuel efficiency: up to 27mpg city/32mpg highway. The transmission was a seven-speed automatic with four modes: Normal, Sport, Snow or Eco. Paired with a chassis that is stiffer than what is usually designed for a luxury sedan, the result was a terrific performer with excellent handling.

Then there is this little factoid: the Infiniti M35h set a 2011 Guinness world record for fastest acceleration by a production hybrid vehicle. It reached speeds of 100mph in 13.896 seconds on a quarter-mile drag strip in the United Kingdom. No wonder automotive journalists of the time were wowed when they put the M into Sport mode and stomped the accelerator.


K&N Air Filter 33-5033

Standard among all trim levels from its debut were keyless ignition/entry, leather upholstery, heated power seats, a power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, a rearview camera, Bluetooth and an iPod interface. Attractively priced between the Panamera S E-hybrid and the Lexus GS 350, owners appreciated their value and are keeping them on the road.

Part of keeping the M35h and Q70 in top performing mode is to maintain or increase their horsepower with a healthy airflow system, governed by a clean engine air filter. The cars are contributing to a healthier global atmosphere with fewer emissions and reduced fuel consumption, so they deserve careful attention to detail. K&N can support this effort with the 33-5033 Replacement Air Filter, designed and engineered to drop into the Mh and Q stock airbox requiring no special tools.

Air Filter 33-5033 Flow Chart

K&N Air Filter 33-5033 Flow Chart

This washable and reusable filter is constructed of four to six layers of oil-treated cotton gauze media sandwiched between two aluminum wire screens in a durable polyurethane frame. The cotton in a K&N air filter allows high volumes of airflow, and when combined with the tackiness of the filter oil, creates an efficient filtering media that ensures engine protection.

K&N 33-5033 can go up to 50,000 miles between servicing, depending on driving conditions. The K&N 10-Year/Million-Mile Limited Warranty sets the Infiniti M35h and Q70 up for years to come - it could well be the last air filter they will ever need.

An investment in a greener future was made with the purchase of these luxury performance hybrids, they can fulfill their destiny with a lifetime air filter from K&N.

The K&N 33-5033 replaces this OEM part:
Infiniti 165461MG0A

The following vehicles can use the K&N 33-5033 Replacement Air Filter:
2015 INFINITI Q70 3.5L (2 required)
2014 INFINITI Q70 3.5L (2 required)
2013 INFINITI M35H 3.5L (2 required)
2012 INFINITI M35H 3.5L (2 required)

For all K&N Infiniti M35H air filters or Infiniti Q70 air filters visit To source a K&N replacement air filter for your vehicle, use K&N's online Search by Vehicle tool. When you are ready to purchase, locate an authorized K&N dealer near you by using the K&N Dealer Search.


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