K&N Racing Inline Fuel & Oil Filter 81-1012 Protects Your Engine

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K&N 81-1012 inline fuel/oil filter

K&N 81-1012 inline fuel/oil filter

Henry Ford once said: "Auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built". This is probably true, because auto racing can be traced back to the late 1800's, when goggle-wearing rich guys would get together and flog their 'horseless carriages' down rutted dirt roads. The sport, and the car, has evolved considerably since then. To keep pace, racing fuels and lubricants have become scientific blends that are designed to provide more power, and more reliability. But no matter how advanced racing fuel or racing oil is, a certain amount of contaminants still escape the refining and storage process. Which is why you need to protect your expensive race engine with a K&N 81-1012 inline fuel/oil filter.

Components of the K&N 81-1012 inline fuel/oil filter

Components of the K&N 81-1012 inline fuel/oil filter

K&N 81-1012 inline fuel/oil filters are designed to be the last line of defense for your engine, against the harmful contaminants in both your fuel, and the fuel system itself. Fine particles of rust, scale and dirt can hide in the fuel system, until the fuel finally dislodges the contaminants, and delivers them to the fuel pump or fuel injectors/carburetor jets. The fuel that you run can also damage the fuel system and engine due to microscopic contaminants left behind by the additives. This is especially an issue with high octane race fuels, and methanol.

K&N 81-1012 inline fuel filter and inline oil filter is a low restriction inline filter that can be added into your existing fuel system, oiling system, or dry sump setup. To give it excellent corrosion resistance and high pressure capability, the case is machined from a billet of anodized aluminum. Each end also features Viton seals, because this synthetic rubber compound can withstand corrosive fuels and high temperatures far better than ordinary rubber seals. High volume filtration is handled by the internal 74-micron stainless steel filter element. This durable K&N filter media can be easily cleaned and reused, allowing for quick fuel system adjustments, and reduced cost.

The K&N 81-1012 Inline Fuel/Oil Filter can be used in your street car, diesel pickup, or race car. This reusable billet aluminum fuel filter can handle everything from pump gas to methanol. And it can be used for racing applications, in NASCAR, NHRA, sprint cars, off-road racing, motocross, and marine racing. K&N makes other performance parts to fit your race car, including carbon fiber scoops, high-volume fuel pumps, and a whole lot more. Check out the complete line of K&N Performance Parts, use the Search by Vehicle Tool, or find a K&N dealer near you.

Features & Benefits of the K&N 81-1012 Inline Fuel/Oil Filter

  • Designed for racing applications
  • Can be used in fuel or oiling system
  • Works with high octane race gas and methanol
  • Improves fuel delivery
  • Prevents premature wear to fuel pump, fuel injectors / carburetor jets
  • Reusable 74 micron stainless steel filter element
  • Anodized billet aluminum housing
  • Viton seals

K&N 81-1012 Inline Fuel/Oil Filter Protects:

  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Carburetor Jets


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