K&N Universal 6 Inch by 6 inch with 3 Inch Flange Air Filter Can Increase Performance

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K&N RE-0930-L universal air filter

The K&N RE-0930-L universal air filter works for a wide array of applications

A K&N universal air filter can be used for a wide array of applications that include racing vehicles, radio-controlled cars, snowmobiles, tractors, generators and other motoring applications. Certain K&N universal air filters, like RE-0930-L, comes in multi-lingual packaging, making the product friendly for English, French, German and Spanish speaking customers.

K&N RE-0930-L universal air filter

The K&N RE-0930-L universal air filter with multi-lingual packaging has a 3” I.D. flange

This filter is rounded tapered in shape, is made of cotton gauze and is not only washable but also reusable. While the filter base measures 6 inches in diameter, the top measures 4.75-inches, the flange measures 3 inches and the filter height is 6”. The flange is made of molded pliable rubber, which not only absorbs vibration but can be stretched up to 1/8” to fit in between sizes for secure attachment.

The K&N RE-0930-L universal air filter comes with a 1-year/unlimited-mile warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty protects against manufacturer defects. If the filter is bought as a direct replacement air filter for a K&N air intake system, a 10-year/unlimited-mile warranty covers the part.

Searching for a K&N air filter specific to your vehicle is easy thanks to our Search by Vehicle function. Once you have found an air filter, you can use our Dealer Search tool to find an authorized K&N dealer in almost any part of the world, including possibly near you.


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