K&N Custom Air Cleaners & Assemblies Add Superior Airflow and Superior Performance

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K&N air cleaner assemblies

K&N air cleaner assemblies are designed with the racer or classic car enthusiast in mind, and provide superior performance, excellent engine protection, as well as impressive styling

K&N and racing go way back, all the way to the company's inception in 1969. Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald, the founders of K&N, identified a need for better-performing air filters for their racing motorcycles and invented the high-flow cotton air filter. Their revolutionary air filter design was put to the test in off-road motorcycle racing and proved to be a durable performance product. Over the last 45+ years, K&N air filters have been utilized in a wide variety of racing applications from NASCAR and NHRA drag racing to the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series and the Baja 1000. K&N air filters have consistently been proven to deliver outstanding airflow, filtration efficiency, and performance.

Nearly everyone loves a classic car and with them comes the most classic air filter design housed in a round air cleaners & assemblies sitting atop a carburetor. Whether for a classic, or a race car, if it needs a round air filter and air cleaner, K&N has air cleaners that will look great under the hood and provide high airflow. Perhaps the most common are the 14" and 16" air cleaner assemblies. These assemblies come in a variety of heights and baseplate configurations to fit popular 4-barrel carburetors or similar throttle body setups. K&N 14" and 16" air cleaners are available with filter element heights ranging from 2 5/16" up to 6" to accommodate different hood clearance needs as well as airflow requirements. K&N 14" or 16" air cleaners are available in either 5-1/8" or 7-5/16" neck flange diameters to fit standard and Holly Dominator-sized carburetors.

K&N 14-inch round air cleaners

The 14-inch round, by 3-inch high air cleaner assembly was the go-to performance air cleaner choice for carbureted race car, hot rod, muscle car and pickup truck owners for years

Another feature of K&N's 14" air cleaner assemblies is that they're available with different drop or raised base plates to meet additional fitment and performance requirements. 14" assemblies with a 5-1/8" neck flange diameter can be ordered with a 1-1/4" or 7/8" drop base. A drop base K&N air cleaner effectively lowers the bottom edge of the filter element below the carburetor flange to alleviate hood clearance issues. 14" K&N air cleaners with the standard 5-1/8" neck are also available with a raised base plate.

K&N 14" air cleaners for the 7-5/16" Holly Dominator sized neck flange come with a 3/4" velocity stack built into the base plate to help streamline and smooth airflow into the carburetor to further increase performance. K&N 16" air cleaner assemblies come in a 7-5/16" neck flange diameter and are capable of flowing over 1000 CFM. If you have a Dominator-sized carburetor and serious performance is your number one priority, the K&N 16" air cleaner assembly is for you. Browse the list of K&N Fourteen & Sixteen Inch Custom Air Cleaner Assemblies to find the perfect air cleaner assembly.

K&N also offers round air cleaner assemblies in 11" diameters. 11" diameter K&N air cleaners are offered in 2 5/8" and 5 1/8" neck flange sizes for applications where space is at a premium, but performance cannot be sacrificed. Additionally, K&N 11" air cleaners are offered with 7-5/16" neck flange with filter element heights ranging from 3-1/2" to 6", making them ready to flow the air required by thirsty Holly Dominator carburetors. Browse K&N Eleven Inch Custom Air Cleaner Assemblies to view all the available K&N 11" air cleaners.

When space really is a problem, look no further than the K&N 9" air cleaner assemblies. Available in 5 different flange sizes and various heights, these 9" air cleaners are ideal for dual carb setups. They include stainless steel top and base plates as well as an optional tall velocity stack base plate. These tall velocity stack base plates position the air filter 5" above the carburetor to draw cooler air into the engine and increase air velocity. Engines equipped with these K&N Tall Velocity Stack Air Filter assemblies can produce more horsepower, with proper carburetor calibration, than those with no air cleaner assembly at all. Note, these assemblies are not U.S. Coast Guard approved as marine flame arrestors.

K&N X-Stream Airflow Tops

Because serious engines require serious airflow, K&N offers X-Stream Airflow Tops which replace the traditional air cleaner top plate with K&N high-flow filter media

And then we have the smallest of the grou - the K&N 7" air cleaner assemblies. These air cleaner assemblies are ideal for show car applications, but may not flow enough air for optimum performance. See K&N's air filter facts for information on proper air filter sizing. Because serious engines require serious airflow, K&N also offers X-Stream® Airflow Tops. The X-Stream airflow tops and X-Stream air cleaner assemblies replace the traditional top plate with K&N high-flow filter media. More filtration surface area will provide additional airflow, which can translate to more power. Complete air cleaner assemblies can be ordered in 9", 11", 14" and 16" sizes in various colors with the X-Stream top. Search through the K&N XStream Air Flow Assemblies, Filters, and Filter Tops to find the right X-Stream Airflow air cleaner.

K&N Flow Control air cleaner

The revolutionary K&N Flow Control air cleaner makes use of a custom lid and base plate to provide smooth, laminar airflow into standard 5-1/8" or 7-5/16" neck carburetors

Another option for maximum airflow requirements is the K&N Flow Control System. This revolutionary air cleaner assembly makes use of a custom lid and base plate to provide smooth, laminar airflow into the carburetor. Available for 2- and 4-barrel Holly carburetors, both standard and Dominator-sized as well as Rochester carburetors, this is the most advanced air filter assembly K&N offers for carbureted applications. The Flow Control System air cleaner assemblies have been dyno-proven to deliver impressive power gains and are capable of flowing up to 1,200 CFM.

While a 4-barrel carburetor is the performance standard, K&N hasn't forgotten about smaller one- or two-barrel carburetors. Whether an air cleaner is needed for Weber, SU, Solex, Mikuni, Holly, Stromberg, Dellorto or other carburetors, K&N most likely has an air cleaner that will get the job done. Take a look at K&N's extensive offering of Custom Air Filters for Single or Two Barrel Carburetors. These assemblies come with a K&N washable and reusable high-performance air filter, chrome top and bottom plates, as well as all the gaskets, nuts, and vent tubes necessary for installation.

K&N custom air cleaner assemblies for 4-barrel carburetors

While a 4-barrel carburetor is the performance standard, K&N hasn't forgotten about smaller one- or two-barrel carburetors

Looking for an air cleaner assembly with a bit more flair or period-correct aesthetic? Check K&N's Custom 66 Air Cleaner Assemblies and Nostalgia Air Filter Cleaners. These air cleaner offerings are available for dual-quad, Tri-Power setups and more. Like all of the above-mentioned K&N air cleaners, they come with a high-flow washable K&N air filter and are available with a variety of custom-designed top plates. Performance won't come second to style with one of these air cleaner assemblies from K&N.

All of K&N's custom air cleaners are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration with proper carburetor calibration. K&N air cleaners come with a washable and reusable, high performance K&N air filter. Approximately every 50,000 miles, under normal highway driving conditions, remove the air filter and service it following K&N's step-by-step instructions. K&N backs its custom air cleaners with a One-Year/Unlimited Mileage Limited Warranty. These air cleaner assemblies are not intended for use on emission-controlled street or highway vehicles.

Whether your vehicle dominates the race track, owns the showroom floor, or is a smog-exempt classic used to cruise the boulevard, K&N has a custom air cleaner assembly that will help it breathe easy with plenty of clean air and style. K&N air cleaners have been refined over 45+ years of racing and will deliver superior airflow and superior performance both on the track and on the street. Find a K&N custom air cleaner assembly on


K&N Performance Air Filters

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