Inverted Top Universal Air Filter RR-3004 Offers Superior Airflow for Custom Cars

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Inverted Top Universal Air Filter RR-3004

The RR-3004 has an inverted top, providing additional surface area for increased airflow and filtration over any other comparably sized product

We’ve all been there, working on a project when we hit an unforeseen roadblock. All of a sudden, the labor of love we were crafting feels at risk. This is especially true when it comes to the intricacies of project cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. One small issue can throw off a huge design and frequently, that is the question of what to do about the air filter? How much air does my engine need? Is there one that will fit? Will it protect my engine? Thankfully, K&N® is no stranger to this conundrum and offers thousands of Universal Clamp-On air filters to fit just about every application perfectly for superior airflow and superior performance.

If space is at a premium or if you’re looking for a stylish accent to stand out from the crowd, look no further than K&N’s Inverted Top Universal Air Filters like part number RR-3004. These filters take a distinctive approach to design and functionality. Where others look outside for solutions, the RR-3004 looks inside. The top of the filter actually inverts, extending to the inside of the filter thereby increasing filter surface area. With more surface area comes additional airflow and air filtration capability, all without increasing the exterior dimensions of the filter.

The RR-3004 is easy to install with a 2.75” flange inside diameter to clamp onto 2.75” air intake piping. The flange is made from pliable rubber and can even be stretched up to 1/16” to fit in-between sizes. It is 5.75” in diameter at the base and 5.938” in diameter at the top, making it almost a straight cylinder. The RR-3004 is 7.668” tall without the flange. In combination with its over 5-inch diameter, and inverted top, the RR-3004 provides a large surface area to help your engine breathe easy with plenty of clean air.

K&N engineers designed the RR-3004 Inverted Top Universal Air Filter with K&N’s oiled-cotton gauze filter media. This filter is made of 4 layers of cotton gauze, offset from one another, and layered between two mesh screens for structural strength. The filter is then oiled with K&N’s air filter oil to help provide excellent air filtration efficiency and engine protection.

While the RR-3004 is designed to increase horsepower and torque, another benefit of its design is that the filter is washable and reusable. Just once every 50,000 miles or so, depending on driving conditions, simply wash and re-oil the RR-3004 universal air filter using a K&N air filter cleaning kit. In the long run you can even save money by never having to replace disposable air filters over and over again. K&N backs the RR-3004 and all of its Universal Clamp-On air filters with a One Year Limited Warranty with no mileage limitation.

K&N offers thousands of Universal Clamp-On air filters and you can find one that will fit your application by using the Search by Dimension function on


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