2014-2015 Infiniti Q50 Gains High-Flow Performance with K&N Replacement Air Filter

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K&N Replacement Air Filter for the Infiniti Q50

K&N Replacement Air Filter for the Infiniti Q50

Competition in the luxury sport-sedan segment has gotten quite hot in recent years. Manufacturers have to offer performance, luxury, the latest technology and fuel efficiency all at the same time, without sacrificing any one of those characteristics. Swing and miss on one of those checkboxes and you’re forgotten as quickly as a baseball pitcher with a blown out shoulder. The Infiniti Q50 doesn’t strike out, though. It knocks one out of the park with powerful and fuel-efficient V6 engines, cutting-edge technology, a luxurious interior and performance bested only by its sharp exterior styling. Owners of the 2014 and 2015 Infiniti Q50 3.7 liter and 3.5 liter models can add more performance and save on maintenance costs, taking their slugger to the top of the big leagues with the K&N 33-5014 replacement high-flow air filter.

The 33-5014 2014-2015 Infiniti Q50 replacement air filter is an easy-to-install performance upgrade. It’s designed to increase horsepower and acceleration by helping to minimize restriction in the airflow pathway, allowing your engine to breathe easier through oiled cotton gauze filter media. K&N’s filter media also provides excellent engine protection and filtration efficiency to give your Q50 clean air, and plenty of it. The panel-shaped design of the filter and its urethane sealing lip mean that the 33-5014 replacement air filter will fit properly in the factory Infiniti Q50 air box.

Another benefit of the 33-5014 2014-2015 Infiniti Q50 replacement air filter’s design is that it’s washable and reusable. Replacing disposable air filters over and over again, which can get pricey since the Q50 requires two air filters, is no longer necessary. Once every 50,000 miles or so depending on driving conditions, remove the 33-5014 air filters from the factory air boxes, wash and re-oil them using one of K&N’s Recharger® air filter cleaning kits with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, and reinstall. K&N is so confident that the 33-5014 will be the last air filter you’ll need to purchase for your Q50 that the filter is backed with a 10-year/million mile limited warranty.

The 33-5014 replacement air filter checks all the boxes of a performance upgrade: easy to install, quality design and engineering, a reputable brand name, durability and it can help save money to boot. Swing for the fences and make your Infiniti Q50 stand out from the crowd with the K&N 33-5014 replacement air filter. To find an authorized K&N dealer almost anywhere in the world, use the Search for K&N Dealer lookup tool.

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