Xbox 360 Game is Virtual Hit in Lexus IS 250 MT

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A heavily modified 2006 Lexus IS 250MT was one of the stars in the K&N Engineering SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) 2006 booth.

2006 Lexus IS 250MT Xbox
2006 Lexus IS 250MT Xbox

K&N's modified Lexus IS 250MT
K&N's modified Lexus IS 250MT
A team from K&N worked around the clock to get the Lexus ready for the Las Vegas, Nevada show. Only 5 of the IS 250MT’s were available for the entire country from Lexus. K&N put together a concept proposal and submitted it with success. K&N was selected to receive one of the vehicles.

K&N's James Yim at SEMA K&N's James Yim at SEMA
Adam Stadler of K&N tests demo game at SEMA
Adam Stadler of K&N tests demo game at SEMA
“We only had 5 weeks to complete the entire vehicle,” said K&N Sport Compact Division Manager James Yim. “Our design focused heavily on audio. The entire audio mechanism in the Lexus was built by the machine building team at K&N. We worked with EA sports in conjunction with the release of the new Xbox 360 game Need for Speed Carbon.”

There were 5 LCD screens, 4 Eclipse audio amps, 2 sets of component speakers, 2 ten inch sub woofers, dvd navigation and dual Xboxes.

“Of the 5 screens, two were in the visor; one on each side, one was in the dash, one was roof mounted in the back seat drop down and there was one in the trunk,” said K&N IT Technician Anthony Pasimio. “We worked on the audio system for nearly five weeks. When we were three days away from SEMA we worked around the clock.”

Cesar Torres, K&N’s IT Maintenance Technician, also worked on the audio wiring. “There were a lot of late nights,” he said. “I really liked the way the car was set up.”

Pasimio and Torres attended SEMA and were able to see the car in the K&N booth. “I drove the car from the Las Vegas Hilton to the Las Vegas Convention Center,” said Pasimio. “People were stopping us on the street and telling us how cool the car looked. When we played the game in the K&N Booth we were asked to turn the sound down. It sounded great.”

Torres and Pasimio said it was a great opportunity to be able to work on the car and a good learning experience. “It was mentally and physically challenging,” said Pasimio. “There was custom fabrication involved with the amp racks and custom speaker enclosures.”

The crowd at SEMA was able to play the game. People were trying to break lap times during the day.

SEMA displays more than 500 of the best cars from around the country. It is a highly competitive venue and K&N’s concept went way beyond the shell of the car directly into the internal mechanisms.

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Lexus IS 250MT at K&N SEMA Booth Lexus IS 250MT at K&N SEMA Booth Lexus IS 250MT at K&N SEMA Booth
Lexus IS 250MT at K&N SEMA Booth Lexus IS 250MT at K&N SEMA Booth Lexus IS 250MT at K&N SEMA Booth


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