Carl Renezeder Wins CORR Lucas Oil Pro-2 Championship; Baja 1000 Next

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Carl Renezeder successfully defended his CORR Lucas Oil Pro-2 Championship Title for the second season in a row. Tension was at an all time high for the winner and his crew during the hard fought battle at Chula Vista, California.

Team Renezeder wins CORR Lucas Oil Pro-2 Champsionship Team Renezeder wins CORR Lucas Oil Pro-2 Championship
In the Pro-4 battle, Renezeder finished the season second overall. “We thought if we could win one race with our new truck and new program we’d consider the season a success,” said Renezeder. “This is unbelievable.”

Renezeder entered the weekend only one point ahead in the Pro-2 Division and 21 points behind in the Pro-4 division. The four-wheel drive class championship ended early for Renezeder in Saturday’s race. Johnny Greaves ran over the front of his Lucas Oil Sobe No Fear truck and took him out of the race. In the two-wheel drive class, Renezeder passed 11 of his fiercest competitors in 15 tough laps.

“Ideally, we would have had a better start and I would not have had to work around so many trucks,” said Renezeder. “But, that was the hand dealt to me and I had my mind set on the win. It felt great to race our way to the front. The win on Saturday gave us a small amount of breathing room, but it didn’t lessen the pressure to perform in Sunday’s race. The tension grew but Team Renezeder rose to the occasion all weekend.”

Team Renezeder uses K&N Products
Team Renezeder uses K&N Products
Renezeder’s lead mechanic found a leaking water pump. The team was able to resolve an issue that could have been a disaster in the championship chase. Renezeder had to bring home 5th place or better to secure the title. He originally planned to drive conservatively.

That plan did not work for three other competitors who had another goal in mind. After the mandatory yellow, Renezeder found himself where he thought he wanted to be at the time of the restart. The Lake Forest, California native was just behind Mike Oberg. However, Dan Vandenhuevel and Scott Douglas worked hard to try and keep Renezeder from the championship, teaming up to help their chances at a title win. “Carl took five laps of beatings,” said Jennifer Bissett of American Flyer Racing. “He came out of the melee with his second CORR Lucas Oil Pro-2 Title.”

Team Renezeder uses K&N Engineering products. “We’ve relied on K&N Filters for years and this championship season is no exception,” said Bissett. “As always, all of the K&N products on our race trucks work flawlessly. Whether it’s the high-flow K&N Air Filter protecting Menards’s custom fuel injection system on our Nissan Titan Pro-2, or the K&N Oil Filter on our Lucas Oil Pro-4, K&N products are as reliable as our driver’s talent. We wouldn’t trust anything else under the hood. There are some products you install and just know that you’ll never have to worry about a failure. K&N is one of those products. We’re proud of our association with K&N and are proud to deliver a CORR Lucas Oil Series Pro-2 Championship for the second year in a row.”

Team Renezeder will attend the grueling SCORE Baja 1000 on November 16th. They also plan to put the trophy in their trophy case as a token of their hard work as they plan for the 2007 Series.

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