K&N Air Filter Increases Performance of 2013 to 2014 Honda SH150i & SH125 Scooters

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The ever popular Honda SH150i scooter and its sibling the SH125 were redesigned for 2013. The SH150i and SH125 place fuel economy at the top of their priority list and these scooters deliver as promised. That’s not to say the SH150i and SH125 can’t also be fun to ride. These scooters are equipped with liquid cooled and fuel injected four-stroke engines tuned to provide usable horsepower and torque.

K&N Replacement Air Filter for 2013 to 2014 Honda SH125 and SH150i

K&N Replacement Air Filter for 2013 to 2014 Honda SH125 and SH150i

K&N has released a new washable air filter that's reusable part HA-1513, to meet the performance demands of these scooters and their owners. This High-Flow Replacement Air Filter is pre-oiled and ready to ride. K&N’s HA-1513 replacement air filter is specifically designed to fit into the stock air filter assembly of 2013 to 2014 Honda SH150i and SH125 scooter models.

Flow Chart for K&N 2013 to 2014 Honda SH125 and SH150i Air Filter HA-1513

Flow Chart for K&N 2013 to 2014 Honda SH125 and SH150i Air Filter HA-1513

K&N High-Flow Replacement Air Filters are performance designed to provide increased airflow, resulting in increased acceleration and throttle response while providing excellent filtration. Fuel management changes or additional modifications to your SH150i and SH125 are not necessary to obtain increased performance.

Some might be worried that an increase in airflow comes at the expense of filtration efficiency and engine protection. K&N performs filtration efficiency testing following the ISO 5011 protocol to guarantee that our air filters will provide high airflow without sacrificing engine protection. Click here to view the detailed test results.

Perhaps more exciting than the increased performance that comes with a K&N High-Flow Air Filter is that they are also washable and reusable. The ability to wash and reuse a K&N air filter means that it will pay for itself over time. Part number HA-1513 can be washed and made like new using one of the K&N Recharger air filter service kits.

Covered by the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®, and made in the USA, K&N’s HA-1513 will be the last air filter your 2013 to 2014 Honda SH150i and SH125 scooter will ever need. HA-1513 is designed to be installed without any need for modifications or tuning in the following scooters:

2014 HONDA SH150I 153 – All
2014 HONDA SH125 125 – All
2013 HONDA SH150I 153 – All
2013 HONDA SH125 125 - All

For all K&N Honda SH125 and SH150I air filters visit the Honda SH125 Air Filters and SH150i Air Filters pages on


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