Chris Ferguson Makes a Showing in the National Dirt Racing League NDRL

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Chris Ferguson is no stranger to lining up against other super late model drivers. In fact, he has five years of racing in this particular class under his belt. However, this season is a little different. He’ll see new faces and travel to unfamiliar venues. Ferguson will be experiencing his first season in the National Dirt Racing League.

Chris Ferguson relies on K&N products to navigate the dirt ovals of the NDRL series

Chris Ferguson relies on K&N products to navigate the dirt ovals of the NDRL series

One would suspect that the anticipation was practically overwhelming to the driver when he rolled into Phenix City, Alabama, to race in the Bama Bash, his first race of the season. But his actions lent to a totally different perspective. A little apprehensive at first, it didn’t take long for the driver to find his groove. With 20 laps to go , he muscled his way into the top five.

Things were looking promising when the driver moved into the top three. But bad luck eventually reared its ugly head. He lost his stronghold on those behind him, upon having a flat. However, it quickly became evident that quit was not in Ferguson’s vocabulary. Getting the Warrior 1G back in working order, he pressed onward, finishing 11th in a field of 25.

When asked about his confidence level prior to the race, Ferguson said, “I knew we had a great car, but I hadn’t raced since last November. So I was a little timid at first. However, once I got back in the seat, I knew we had a great shot at running good; so my confidence was high.

“There was some pressure, with it being such a big race,” he continued. “All of the country’s best drivers were there with over 40 cars trying to make the 24 car starting field. It was tough to even make the main event. The most pressure was the fact that the best of the best were there, racing door-to-door with me. So I knew I had to drive the best I could.

With the first race of the 2014 season behind them, Ferguson and his crew headed to the Smokey Mountain Speedway, at Maryville, Tennessee; where they would race in the Tennessee Tipoff. With what he considered a reputable run at the Bama Bash in his rearview mirror, the driver had no intentions of doing anything other than making a showing in race number two of the season as well.

A good performance during his initial race of the season was more than enough to boost his confidence. However, Ferguson was even more stoked to know that dirt super late model hall of fame member; Freddy Smith would be in their corner. “He no longer races,” explained, Ferguson. “But he comes to races with us, to consult and help us out on the road. Freddy is from the same part of North Carolina, and my family has always known him.”

Earning the tenth place spot in the $7,500.00 to win preliminary event, the driver returned the following day with aspirations of success. At the waving of the green flag, engines revved, the air permeated with the aroma of exhaust and the battle was underway. The driver wasted no time getting into the mix, and at the race’s end, crossed the finish line in eighth place.

With many races ahead of him, Chris Ferguson is looking forward to the future. Ranked 10th in the points standing early on, the driver is acutely aware that the potential for a stellar season is certainly within his reach.

Although his skills will play an important role in the overall outcome of the season, the driver is also mindful that maintenance will also prove an essential element of success. That in mind, he and his crew will depend upon K&N products to keep his engine running contaminant free.

“I use the K&N 6 inch washable and reusable air filters,” he explained, “along with their fuel and oil filters. I also use K&N cleaning supplies to clean our filters. K&N makes the best filters on the market."

“The fact that we can use about five air filters to run around 60 races a year is unbelievable,” he continued. “We put over 2,000 laps on our engines, and our K&N filters stand just as long. I’ve never had issues with any of our K&N products, and we’re proud to say that our team will always be a K&N customer.”

With a high confidence level and the backing of excellent products, Chris Ferguson is apt to experience a memorable 2014 season. When asked what his fans can expect throughout the remainder of the year, Ferguson concluded, “A lot of traveling and hopefully, more wins. We just knocked out a $10,000.00 win in Virginia and followed it up with a $5,000.00 win in Tennessee this past weekend. We plan to continue following the the National Dirt Racing League.”


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