David Gotts Wins NMCA Super Quick Finals and Reaches Quarters in Pro Comp at Fontana Dragway

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David Gotts won Super Quick finals in his first ever NMCA West event

David Gotts won Super Quick finals in his first ever NMCA West event

The first major event to be held at Fontana Dragway since it reopened this February was the National Muscle Car Association (NMCA) West 3rd Annual Street Car Nationals. Marking the occasion in grand form was K&N backed David Gotts. Gotts drove his Camaro to victory in the Super Quick finals and to the quarters in Pro Comp, winning 10 of 11 rounds of racing along the way. It was the Corona, California, resident’s first ever race with NMCA West, as he usually runs Super Street in NHRA Division 7 races, along with various other associations races.

The K&N backed racer says the start of the 2014 season has been his best yet

The K&N backed racer says the start of the 2014 season has been his best yet

“At this NMCA race I raced two different categories, Super Quick and Pro Comp, both of these categories run on a different tree,” Gotts explains. “Super Quick is a .500 full tree and Pro Comp is a .400 pro. This was my first time running my car on a .400 pro tree and at 9.90. In NHRA I run on a .500 tree at 10.90, so to win six rounds and win the race in Super Quick was a truly amazing day. But then to go four rounds in Pro Comp in the same day, in the same car, that made it truly special. It was a busy day to say the least, but thanks to K&N Filters and Lucas Oil my ‘67 Camaro handled it with ease.”

“2014 has been an amazing start for me. In our first race out with a new motor combination we went to Arizona for the CarQuest Nationals, and we went all the way to the finals and with a great race in the final round, we came up just a little short. Then going to the NMCA West race in Fontana, which has been a topper – I don’t think I could ask for much more.”

Gotts won 10 of 11 rounds of racing in the first major event at Fontana Dragway since it’s reopening

Gotts won 10 of 11 rounds of racing in the first major event at Fontana Dragway since it’s reopening

Officially Gotts has been racing for about eight years. Back in 1995 he attended a couple of the street legal races when they were in Pomona. “And that’s where I got the bug for sure,” he says. “Then I decided to build a real drag car and that took almost 10 years to complete from scratch, with a lot of blood sweat and tears. And I’ve been learning more and more over the years. Before this year I had won a few small bracket races, and I’d go rounds here and there, but this is my best season so far, and the entire time K&N Filters has been there for me.”

“My relationship with K&N Started back in 1994 with I bought a brand new 1995 Camaro, and there weren’t many after-market parts made for it yet. I contacted K&N, and they in turn used my car as their test car to build one of the first Fuel Injection Performance Kits (FIPK). During that process I met and became friends with many of the people at K&N and some of them are still there today. K&N has truly treated me like family for the past 20 years.”

Gotts currently uses K&N's carbon fiber composites hood scoop (100-8517) with carbon fiber hood scoop plugs (100-8519), a high-flow drag racing scoop air filter (28-4210), a Stubstack Air Horn designed to straighten airflow and help even the flow to all four venturies (85-0600), a washable/reusable oil filter (SS-3002), and K&N’s inline fuel/oil filters (81-1002).

“We are super excited to get our home track Auto Club Dragway in Fontana back,” Gotts adds. “We expect it will not only help save all of us tons of driving time and fuel, but with them running almost every weekend, we can now get much more seat time and become better racers. With the reopening of Auto Club Dragway, and the street legal program, I have no doubt we will have less illegal street racing in southern California.”

“Along with K&N and Lucas Oil, I would like to thank all my sponsors for making it possible – Cagles Appliance, Lamb Components, Hoosier Tire West, Meziere Enterprises, PMR Race Cars and Performance Speed and Custom – I would not be here without all your support.”


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