Off-Road Desert Race Team Stronghold Motorsports Offers Insight

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Scott Bailey, Stronghold Motorsports Team owner says that growing up in close proximity to Riverside International Raceway sparked a fever that ultimately led to a career in racing that now includes three generations.

Scott Bailey kicking up dust in his off-road buggy.

Scott Bailey kicking up dust in his off-road buggy.

As a young man living in Moreno Valley, Scott attended the Micky Thompson SCORE Off Road World Championships and simply knew that ONE day he would be a part of that style racing. Sure enough, in the early 1980's he began his racing career in a Modified Honda Odyssey at Corona Raceway. As time passed he continued dabbling in motorsports as often as he could including pitting for Troy Herbst in 2006. This is what reignited the passion to get serious about his racing involvement.

In 2008 they bought a Prolite and started racing shortcourse, then the following year, son Brandon started racing SuperLites and placed 3rd. "We built a Pro2 in the end of 2009 and won the challenge cup in 2011 with Rob Naughton. Won the championship in 2010 & 2012 in Prolite," stated Scott. "In 2012 Brandon's son Madix started racing Trophy Karts and now we have 3 generations of our family racing. In 2010 we started racing in the desert in the 7200 class, and from the beginning we struggled with our motor program with the V6 and gave up in 2012 to build our current new Alumincraft/ProAm/Stronghold Class 1/1500 car. I credit My Wife and business partner for all the support she gives both of her love, time and financial support, as well as Troy Herbst, Roy Dehban and Mike Grabowski for allowing me to learn enough to experience my dream that was started in the 70's."

"K&N Products have helped bring my racecars and trucks and team to the next level. Their highly advanced products bring long lasting and peak horsepower to our race vehicles," concluded Bailey.


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