Cody Rahders Shines at Round One of 2014 Lucas Oil Regional Series

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Cody Rahders recently embarked upon his first race in the XP 1000 class.

Cody Rahders recently embarked upon his first race in the XP 1000 class.

Cody Rahders would likely be quick to agree that 2013 was a productive year for R3 Motorsports. "It was a really big accomplishment for myself, to say the least," he recalled. "Finishing every race on the podium really rounded a solid year.

After a stellar 2013 season, Cody Rahders set the standard for the 2014 season during round one of the LOORS.

After a stellar 2013 season, Cody Rahders set the standard for the 2014 season during round one of the LOORS.

"My biggest memory was the last race of the season with only a two point lead, " shared the driver. " I wasn't sure how the race was going to play out. But I knew I had to be on my game. So when I came out with the win, it was a great feeling."

When the 2014 season rolled around, the driver was ready to put the previous season behind him and focus on continuing a streak of impressive finishes. Although many races lurk ahead, Rahders set the standard early on.

Rolling into the Glen Helen Raceway, the driver and his crew were eager to get round one of the series under their belts. The team's confidence level was high, as this was the exact location of the 2013 Awards Banquet, where the driver received his championship trophy for the stock RZR XP900 class. Most drivers would have been more than elated to earn the prestigious award, but the pot had been even sweeter for Rahders, as he also received a plaque, rewarding him for the logging the greatest combined points during of all the LUCAS regional competitors throughout the season.

Lining up in the Stock RZR XP900 race, Rahders wasted no time fighting to the front of the pack at the waving of the green flag. Although the victory lap was eventually his, that was no indication the win came easily. In fact, it went down to the wire, the type of competition fans love to see.

There was little time to savor his victory though, as Rahders was on the verge of embarking upon a new adventure. He was scheduled to experience his first race in the XP 1000 class.

Qualifying fourth on the opening day and with a four-place inversion, the driver was situated at the pole position. Fourteen cars were prepared to battle it out in his class. However, the field also consisted of 12 drivers competing in the SR1/Unlimited UTV class.

At the waving of the green flag, Cody Rahders didn't tarry, maneuvering his way through the conglomeration of SR1 racers. The driver quickly reached the front of the pack, and led his class for the first nine of the 12-lap event.

Things were looking promising. But anyone who is familiar with the sport of racing will be quick to agree that it isn't over until the waving of the checkered flag deems a winner.

In fact, Following a late-race restart, Rahders happened upon a lapped SR1 driver who wasn't content with allowing the leaders to continue their quest toward the finish line. During this particular battle Rahders' competitor evidently missed a shift, forcing Cody to slow.

In turn, Cody Rahders fell behind two of his fellow XP Production 1000 class competitors. With less than two full laps remaining, the he lacked sufficient time to catch the two other drivers, and crossed the finish line in third place.

Although he would have obviously rather led the pack at the waving of the checkered flag, Rahders did manage to earn a spot on the podium during his first-ever Production 1000 race.

However, the driver is eager to make a few changes on set up here and there and is anticipating even better finishes in the near future. Of course driving skills play a predominant role in the outcome of each race, but Rahders and his crew are also certain that proper maintenance is of utmost importance.

Experience has taught the driver that it is essential to take all steps to ensure one's engine does not fail. One of the keys is protecting their internal components from the harsh and unforgiving environment they tackle during every event.

That in mind, he and the rest of R3 Motorsports are strong advocates of using the best filtering products on the market. In turn they depend upon K&N products to keep the dust and grit out of the engines, and where it belongs.

"K&N filters really helps," he ensured. "We get huge support with anything we need for the truck and the RZR. Huge performance gains are a big factor, and K&N really performs well.

As the 2014 season is just underway, Cody Rahders and team R3 Motorsports have aspirations of yet another run of productive races. With a little luck and a lot of perseverance, one would suspect that the driver and his crew will experience their share of much coveted time on the podium in the races to come.


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