1999-2010 360, 430 and F430 Ferrari Models Improve Performance with K&N Air Filter Upgrade

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The soul of the black mare dancing on every Ferrari badge is provoked by a longstanding tradition of Formula One racing domination. Ferrari and winning are synonymous, and what they discover on the track, gets integrated into every car they design, case in point the1999 Ferrari 360. The 360 was called the F131, and the company produced about 10,000 of them.
K&N Replacement Air Filter for Ferrari 430, F430 & 360
K&N Replacement Air Filter for Ferrari 430, F430 & 360

The 360 looked fast and represented bona fide Italian automotive lust, yet chief designer, Frank Stephenson, the director of Ferrari-Maserati design group, felt it was "a little flabby." What evolved next was the F430, capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph in a mere 4.1 seconds and reaching a top speed in excess of 193 mph.

The F430 features a lightweight V8 engine that produces a robust 490 horsepower at 8500 rpm and 343 ft-lbs of torque at 5250 rpm. To fire-up the engine the driver presses a large "Engine Start" button located on the left of the steering wheel, and once engaged, the engine symphony produces an exhaust note that will bring tears of joy to any car enthusiast eyes.

Ferrari and K&N share several essential common threads, both share a tradition of winning and both incorporate what they learn on the track into their street designs. A typical example is the new K&N 33-2494 high-performance, reusable air filter. By simply replacing the existing air filter in any of the models listed below with a K&N 33-2494, you will let your Ferrari breathe better and run better, while at the same time providing excellent engine protection. The two K&N air filters in each box are designed to fit into the existing factory air box without modifications of any kind required.

K&N’s specially pleated, high-flow filter design creates a large surface area, allowing the K&N 33-2494 air filter to continue to perform flawlessly for extended maintenance intervals. Depending on your driving conditions, servicing intervals can reach up to 50,000 miles. When filter maintenance is required, cleaning the air filter is as easy as following the four effortless steps on a K&N Recharger Kit.

The high performance K&N 33-2494 air filter will be the only air filter you’ll ever need to purchase for your Ferrari - K&N backs that promise with their renowned Million Mile Limited Warranty.

K&N 33-2494 fits the following Ferrari F430 & F360 models (Includes 2 filter per box)
2010 Ferrari F430 4.3L
2010 Ferrari 430 4.3L
2009 Ferrari F430 4.3L
2009 Ferrari 430 4.3L
2008 Ferrari F430 4.3L
2008 Ferrari 430 4.3L
2007 Ferrari F430 4.3L
2007 Ferrari 430 4.3L
2006 Ferrari F430 4.3L
2005 Ferrari F430 4.3L
2005 Ferrari 360 3.6L
2004 Ferrari 360 3.6L
2003 Ferrari 360 3.6L
2002 Ferrari 360 3.6L
2001 Ferrari 360 3.6L
2000 Ferrari 360 3.6L
1999 Ferrari 360 3.6L

For all K&N Ferrari F430 air filters visit the Air Filters for Ferrari F430 page on


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