More Victories For Menzies At Crandon International Racway

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Bryce Menzies recently earned his sixth Pro-2 win of the season at Crandon International Raceway
Bryce Menzies recently earned his sixth Pro-2 win of the season at Crandon International Raceway
Fans were recently stacked in the Crandon International Raceway's stands like Cordwood. The morning had started gloomy, as rain pelted the track. But as the day progressed the sun popped out, and the precipitation that puddled on the track soaked into the ground. It was perfect conditions for a Traxxas Torc event, and there was standing room only when the waving of the green flag deemed the event underway.

Bryce Menzies earned a third-place spot on the podium in the Pro-2 class the day prior, while his teammate Ricky Johnson had finished second in the pro-4. Their success had already set the stage for what they anticipated as another action packed outing on the final day of racing.

Coming out of turn one in the third position, Bryce Menzies quickly began to devise a strategy to work himself in front of the two drivers separating him from the lead. In fact, he managed to pass the two drivers in front of him by the fourth lap. Not willing to settle for anything less than a victory, Bryce Menzies never let up and refused to look back.

Crossing the finish line, Menzies had earned his sixth win of the season, and had put himself in an ideal situation. Now leading the second place driver in the points race by 41 points, very little separated him from his third consecutive championship title in the TORC pro-2 class. All he had to do was start the final race of the season at Primm, Nevada and finish ahead of two other racers, and he would be declared the victor.
When the race at Crandon was behind him, Bryce Menzies had a 41 point lead in the points race as the season's end neared
When the race at Crandon was behind him, Bryce Menzies had a 41 point lead in the points race as the season's end neared

After a superlative performance by Bryce Menzies, Ricky Johnson eagerly lined up to race in the Pro-4 class. The battle was heated from early on, as Johnson, Johnny Greaves and Rob MacCachran dazzled the crowd as they raced neck to neck, changing positions throughout the bout.

But the Menzies team member fell out of contention for the lead when his power steering pump went on the blink. Although Menzies managed to stay in the race, the malfunction had a definite effect on the outcome, as he finished seventh place.

As mechanical issues deemed Ricky Johnson's Pro-4 rig done for the day, he gladly accepted when fellow racer and Menzies Motorsports' close friend, Jesse Jones, suggested he drive his brand new Pro-2 truck in the Cup race.

Coming out of the first turn, Menzies Motorsports was well represented, as Bryce was situated in third place and Johnson was in seventh. Bryce eventually worked his way toward the front of the pack and was on the verge of passing CJ Greaves for the lead. However, luck simply wasn't on his side, as a flat tire detoured his run for the win.

Although Menzies would have preferred a victory in the Cup and Johnson would have savored the opportunity to complete his battle in the Pro-4 without mechanical malfunctions, Team Menzies left the event in contention for two more championships as the season neared its end.

Menzies Motorsports record speaks for itself, and they have proven a force to be reckoned with throughout the years. Of course great drivers and a well-tuned team are essential components of consistent success. However, they are also confident that a stringent maintenance program has proven its worth as well. Maintenance is very important to being successful in any type of racing," ensured Menzies Motorsports Director of Team Logistics, Dane Roney.

That in mind, the team strives to keep the internal components of their engines running contaminant free. They are strong advocates of using K&N products for their filtering needs. "We use K&N in-line filters, as well as their air and oil filters," explained Roney. "We love them!"

When asked to key to continued success in the Traxxas Torc Series, he continued, "Staying prepared and not loosing focus." When asked what fans can expect from Menzies Motorsports in the future, Roney's answer was short and to the point, "More Championships."

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