Rhys Millen Takes 2013 Global RallyCross X Games LCQ Final and Finishes 4th Overall

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After being taken out of contention in the first heat race of RallyCross at the X Games, Rhys Millen rallied to win the LCQ final finishing 4th overall
After being taken out of contention in the first heat race of RallyCross at the X Games, Rhys Millen rallied to win the LCQ final finishing 4th overall
With over two decades of racing experience and a champion’s bloodline, Rhys Millen is a racecar driver’s kind of driver, with a reputation that has him perched atop a very short list of the most sought after performance drivers in the country. Millen has that rare knack for intrinsically connecting with a car, and not so much demanding it perform, but rather sweet-talking it into achieving four wheel magic. The son of famed rally and off-road racer Rod Millen, the K&N sponsored driver developed his legendary car control skills through various disciplines, including drifting a modified Toyota Supra to a new class world record up the famous Pikes Peak International Hill climb back in 1998.
Rhys Millen plans on resuming a fulltime race schedule in 2014
Rhys Millen plans on resuming a fulltime race schedule in 2014

Millen was also the world’s first factory paid drift driver signed by General Motors. In 2004 during the Japan versus USA drift event held at California Speedway, Millen became the first non-Japanese competitor to ever make it to the podium with a third place finish.

Continuing to follow his automotive bliss, Millen now spends more than 150 days a year behind the wheel precision/stunt driving for innumerable automotive car commercials. Logically he also made a successful transition into Hollywood as the lead stunt driver of the General Lee in the "Dukes of Hazard" movie, "Herbie Fully Loaded", "Indiana Jones Four," "Red Line the movie," in which he displays dynamic control in cars like the Ferrari Enzo and Porsche GT, and most recently as stunt driver and stunt team drift coordinator for the Fast and Furious franchise. And, when he’s not being fast fabulous for the camera, Millen works closely with Hyundai preparing for two of his yearly competitive passions, his ongoing assault to take down Pikes Peak ultimate record and his pursuit of X Games medal.

Millen and Hyundai finished a strong 4th place recently in the Global RallyCross X Games final. Millen earned his spot in the final after winning the Last Chance Qualifier.

"The X Games highlight for us was winning the LCQ after being hit in the left rear suspension and being taken out of contention in the first heat race," remarked Millen. "With 10 cars stacked in the final, it was anyone’s race to win. You never know what can happen in the final and we were happy to bring home 4th place for RMR and Hyundai. The Veloster ran flawless all day giving us the best opportunity yet to medal."

Millen has been working with Hyundai for the last couple of years in developing the Veloster and he explains, "For our first season we developed the chassis and last year we focused on developing the engine. There is still more to be extracted from both, but with only running one event this season, we were very happy to come out cold and have such a strong finish. For the past two years we have finished 4th at X Games, both times starting off the back row. With a little luck and a heat race win we would have the opportunity to start on the front row and with that I am sure a podium finish is achievable."

Rally Cross and Pikes Peak - we asked Millen what the common thread was from his perspective. "Both demand very similar driving styles. We have to attack from the drop of the flag, very short distances compared to endurance races, and no opportunity to give up even a tenth of a second. Rally Cross requires a road racing mindset with the diverse skill set of traditional rally and a drift background for ultimate car control."

"Being that I have only raced Pikes Peak and X-Games rally, with a 2nd place overall at Pikes and 4th at X Games, I would say it’s been a great season," adds Rhys Millen. "What the future holds for 2014 is unknown, but I hope to be back in the saddle fulltime."

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