K&N Offers Virtual Tours of Their Manufacturing and Laboratory Testing Facilities

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Virtual Tour of K&N Headquarters in Riverside, California
Virtual Tour of K&N Headquarters
in Riverside, California
K&N's online virtual tours allow a "behind the scenes" look at K&N's production warehouse and laboratory testing facilities located in Riverside, California. K&N manufacturing facility virtual tours allow you to "walk" around the K&N main lobby, K&N air filter manufacturing area, K&N shipping department, K&N automotive and motorcycle dyno area and the K&N race shop. K&N lab testing facility virtual tours provide an inside look at the K&N engine dyno testing laboratory, K&N air filter efficiency laboratory, K&N air flow laboratory, K&N Chemical laboratory and K&N Vibration testing laboratory. Select a K&N virtual tour from the list below and see why K&N is the World's Best Air Filter.

K&N Virtual Tours - Manufacturing Facilities

Virtual Tour of K&N Main LobbyVirtual Tour of K&N Main Lobby

K&N Main Lobby Virtual Tour - As you step into the main lobby through the front doors, you will find our friendly and helpful staff.
Virtual Tour of K&N Automotive and Motorcycle Dyno AreaVirtual Tour of K&N Automotive and Motorcycle Dyno Area

K&N Automotive and Motorcycle Dyno Virtual Tour - K&N performs the horsepower and torque product testing in the automotive and motorcycle dyno areas. The horsepower and torque performance gains are measured at the wheels. K&N utilizes a motorcycle/ATV dynamometer, multiple automotive dynamometers, and an oversize vehicle 2-wheel-drive chassis dynamometer.
Virtual Tour of K&N Race ShopVirtual Tour of K&N Race Shop

K&N Race Shop Virtual Tour - The K&N race shop supports multiple K&N and K&N partner race vehicles. Many custom and race filter setups are engineered at the K&N race shop for leading race teams in all forms of motorsports racing.
Virtual Tour of K&N Air Filter Manufacturing FloorVirtual Tour of K&N Air Filter Manufacturing Floor

K&N Air Filter Manufacturing Floor Virtual Tour - K&N manufactures over 3 million air filters annually utilizing a variety of tools, molds, production equipment and materials.
Virtual Tour of K&N Air Filter Manufacturing from AboveVirtual Tour of K&N Air Filter Manufacturing from Above

K&N Air Filter Manufacturing Virtual Tour - Multiple production and manufacturing methods are used when building K&N performance air filters. K&N's automated warehouse drive system enables increased efficiency in delivering the materials required for manufacturing, packaging and shipping K&N products.
Virtual Tour of K&N Shipping DepartmentVirtual Tour of K&N Shipping Department

K&N Shipping Department Virtual Tour - K&N's warehouse contains a very large inventory of performance products. The automated warehouse tote movement and shipping systems work in conjunction with a computerized business management system to enable continually high fill rates and very short lead times.

K&N Virtual Tours - Lab Test Facilities

K&N continues to be a leader in the scientific testing of air filtration in order to provide their customers with the World's Best Air Filter. Select a K&N lab testing virtual tour below for a closer look at the various test facilities located at the K&N Headquarters in Riverside, California.
Virtual Tour of K&N Engine Dyno Testing LaboratoryVirtual Tour of K&N Engine Dyno Testing Laboratory

K&N Engine Dyno Testing Laboratory Virtual Tour - The SuperFlow 902 dyno sits inside K&N's engine dyno room. This facility is used to test the various K&N performance products for R&D product development, engineering and additional race team support.
Virtual Tour of K&N Air Filter Efficiency LaboratoryVirtual Tour of K&N Air Filter Efficiency Laboratory

K&N Air Filter Efficiency Laboratory Virtual Tour - K&N operates an advanced in-house filtration test laboratory. This laboratory includes two different testing setups built in consultation with Southwest Research Institute, which is one of the pre-eminent testing companies in the world. Tests are performed on air filters while in the factory air box and in the SAE/ISO recommended test housing fixtures. The goal is to engineer air filters that have the maximum possible airflow achievable while still providing outstanding air filtration and engine protection.
Virtual Tour of K&N Air Flow LaboratoryVirtual Tour of K&N Air Flow Laboratory

K&N Air Flow Laboratory Virtual Tour - K&N airflow testing is performed using a SuperFlow Corporation SF-1020 flow bench which is capable of measuring airflow rates up to 1020 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at pressures up to 65 inches of water. K&N engineers use this part of the laboratory to measure the restriction across a given air filter or air intake setup.
Virtual Tour of K&N Chemical LaboratoryVirtual Tour of K&N Chemical Laboratory

K&N Chemical Laboratory Virtual Tour - The K&N Chemical Laboratory contains a variety of equipment used for R&D testing and analysis of various filter media, oils and cleaners.
Virtual Tour of K&N Vibration Testing LaboratoryVirtual Tour of K&N Vibration Testing Laboratory

K&N Vibration Testing Laboratory Virtual Tour - K&N engineers perform vibration tests to simulate real world stress that air filters, air filter assemblies, and air intake parts may see from daily driving and use. This vibration test stand is designed for horizontal, lateral and vertical testing to help determine product durability over simulated driving conditions.

Picture Tours of
K&N Manufacturing & Laboratory Testing Facilities

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Composite Materials Panel Filters Round Filters
Packaging Product Testing Warehousing & Shipping
K&N Racing


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