Brent Stafford's Performance Modified 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is Magazine Worthy Show Car

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This custom Hyundai Genesis engine bay looks so clean and has K&N air intake 69-5302TTK.
This custom Hyundai Genesis engine bay looks so clean and has K&N air intake 69-5302TTK.
Remember back in the days when, as kids, we would lie on our stomachs and play hot wheels on the carpet? As a kid, this was one of my favorite pastimes. I remember that as young as 5 years old I could name almost every make and model that Hot Wheels made. My favorite was a green Porsche 911. To this day I wish I could find another one of those cars.
Brent Stafford's modified 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is truely one of a kind.
Brent Stafford's modified 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is truly one of a kind.

For Brent Stafford, his memories are almost the same as mine. Recently I had the chance to meet him at a car show and talk about the passion involved in building show cars. Brent Stafford told me a story of a day he was spending time at his Grandparents house and playing with his hot wheels. He told his Grandfather that one day he would own a cool car that would be magazine worthy and bring home trophies taller than he was. Brent told me that his Grandfathers response was "no one in this family will ever be that famous and you will never have a cool car like that, it takes a lot of time and money to have something like that". Brent then told me that on that day he promised his Grandfather that one day he will prove him wrong.
Brent Stafford replaced the trunk lid and hood of his custom Genesis with VIS Carbon fiber.
Brent Stafford replaced the trunk lid and hood of his custom Genesis with VIS Carbon fiber.

Many years later Brent Stafford was watching his favorite Professional Driver Rhys Millen who just happened to have a yellow track Genesis Coupe in a football halftime show, Brent then decided that this was going to be the car to build. Brent purchased a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe that he started building with all the top parts including Rhys Millen Racing parts including front bumper and rear diffuser , which he not only has the track edition , he also has the Time Attack, and can change them out for different looks. Brent has also replaced the trunk lid and hood with VIS Carbon fiber versions. As you can see there is no part of the body left stock and this means that the stock fenders had to go and the only option was Carbon fiber versions from ABS Dynamic.

While I was walking around the car, I was amazed. I have seen plenty of top notch show vehicles, but nothing on this Hyundai Genesis was left stock. Interior, audio, engine work... nothing was left untouched. One thing I noticed that separated Brent Stafford's Genesis from most show vehicles was the engine bay. I have never seen an engine bay look so clean. Brent is a very detailed oriented individual. Even the mounting hardware on his K&N air intake ( part # 69-5302TTK) was customized to work with all of his modifications and meticulously mounted with all the hardware facing the same direction.

Brent Stafford never had the chance to prove to his grandfather that he would own a "cool show car", but I am sure that his grandfather is looking down and nodding his head in acknowledgement of a job well done. Brent is proof that where there is a passion, anything can be done!

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