Open-Wheeled Modified Racer Blake Terry Shoots for Big National Races

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Blake Terry has aspirations of qualifying for National Races at the season's end.
Open Wheeled Modified racer Blake Terry has aspirations of qualifying for National Races at the season's end.
Elizabethton, Tennessee native, Blake Terry, was raised in an environment lending to his passion for the sport of racing. Attending events at an early age, he quickly became engulfed in an atmosphere where the air was permeated with the roar of screaming engines and the sense of competition. Although sharing a camaraderie, each driver entered the field geared up and ready for a fierce battle to the checkered flag. In turn, Terry found himself dreaming of maneuvering a car through a maze of drivers, all with the same goal - chalking up a victory.
Blake Terry is engulfed in his second season of racing in the Dirt Open-wheeled Modified class.
Blake Terry is engulfed in his second season of racing in the Dirt Open-wheeled Modified class.

In 1999, the driver got his first taste of the anticipation that preludes the waving of the green flag and the excitement of a relentless quest to the finish line. Blake Terry was bitten by the bug and had no intentions of doing anything other than pursuing his passion. In fact, now 19-years old, he is still eaten up with the sport. But with age and experience, he left the karts behind and is presently driving in the Dirt Open-Wheeled Modified class in the U.M.P. and AMRA series.

Driving a stock, GM front -clip with a tubular chassis from the engine back, the driver savors 620-horsepower of raw power at his disposal. When asked what he enjoys most about competing in this class, he said, "The difficulty to drive them, and the competition level is extremely tough. I grew up coming to local dirt tracks and always wanted to race."

Embarking in his second season in the Dirt Open-wheeled modified class Terry realizes that many of his competitors have more years under their belts. Although confident in his aggressiveness, the driver also understands that to be competitive night-in and night-out, he must recognize and improve on his weak points. That in mind, he is focused on fine tuning his consistency from lap to lap.

Beginning the 2013 season at the Carolina Speedway in Gastonia, North Carolina, Terry began the feature in the 10th spot. The driver held his own throughout the race, and in fact, managed to gain a couple of positions. When the dust had settled, Terry crossed the finish line in seventh place.

As do all drivers, Blake Terry has experienced his fair share of troubles throughout the most recent season. The driver recently headed to the Volunteer Speedway, at Bulls Gap, Tennessee with aspirations of success. Starting first in the main, everything seemed to be falling into place. But team B. Terry Motorsports' luck went south in the blink of an eye when his drive shaft snapped, deeming the night over. However, he is sitting in the sixth spot overall in the Southern Open Wheeled Shootout series. And with in the neighborhood of 20 scheduled events ahead of him, there is still ample time to climb even higher in the ranks.

Blake Terry's driving skills will obviously play an essential role in his success throughout the remainder of the season, But he is also aware that there are other elements of a winning record as well. Referring to the importance of his team the driver said, "My team is one of the most important things in my life, behind God and family. I spend all of my spare time working on the car, trying to get that extra one-tenth-second out of it."

Having been involved in racing for 14-years, the driver is also mindful that success depends a great deal upon keeping his vehicle running at it's peak performance. Alluding to the importance of proper maintenance, he explained, "I think maintenance is what makes or breaks teams! I know plenty of good drivers, but they can't finish races due to part failures, which is due to a lack of maintenance."

That in mind, Blake Terry and his crew are strong advocates of using K&N products to keep the internal components of the engines contaminant free. "I run the K&N E-3750 performance air filter, the HP-2002 oil filter, a K&N 62-1514 crankcase breather, their E-3750PK filter wrap and a K&N 81-1003 fuel filter" he explained. "They are second to none products! I use them on everything from my daily driver to my race car hauler. I will never use any filter that is not made by K&N."

With a good grip on maintenance and a heavy understanding of the sport, Blake Terry is anticipating success throughout the remainder of the 2013 season. Looking forward, the driver ensured, My goals are to finish out the season with a couple of wins and some strong top fives. And I hope to qualify for the big national races toward the end of the year."

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