Select Freightliner, Mack and Peterbilt Truck Owners Can Save Money with a K&N Heavy Duty Air Filter

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When it comes to running a business that uses heavy duty trucks as one of its resources, owners and operators know there is a lot of upkeep cost when it comes to maintenance. One constant cost for most owners is in having to replace the stock paper air filter over and over and over again. Well that has finally changed for owners of select Freightliner, Mack and Peterbilt semi-trucks with the K&N 38-2032S reusable heavy duty air filter.
K&N Replacement Air Filter for Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks
K&N Replacement Air Filter for Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks

The 38-2032S Heavy Duty air filter is designed to fit into the stock housing the same as the stock air filter. Simply un-clip and remove the stock paper air filter, install your new K&N commercial grade air filter, reconnect the clips and you are good to go. This heavy duty air filter has been designed around how the stock air cleaner housing seals and flows to make for a long lasting seal.

K&N engineered the 38-2032S with their hybrid dry media that does not require the use of air filter oil. K&N's hybrid media is a dry synthetic media that does an excellent job filtering the air and protecting the engine. This commercial grade air filter is also constructed with a heavy duty black powder-coated support screen both on the inside and outside of the filter. This high quality support screen will help make sure the air filter can perform, even when under extreme air flow conditions.

Due to the way the K&N hybrid media holds dirt, the 38-2032S air filter can be used for long periods before it needs to be cleaned. Unlike paper media that traps dirt on the surface, blocking the air pathways, K&N's hybrid media uses a depth loading method to capture dirt without restricting the air flow as quickly. This means that a K&N heavy duty air filter should be less restrictive as it gets dirty, than its paper counterpart, allowing the engine to work less to suck in the air it needs to breath.

When the 38-2032S heavy duty air filter does become dirty enough for cleaning, which is once a year or when the air restricting gauge reaches 20 inches of restriction, cleaning is very easy. Between the durable hybrid media and the heavy duty support screens, this air filter can be washed out using a low pressure, pressure washer and low pressure compressed air. Simply spray on the K&N 99-0638 synthetic media air filter cleaner, let the cleaner soak in, then rinse it and the dirt out of the filter with water. Once the media is dry, you can reinstall the heavy duty air filter.

By using the 38-2032S reusable air filter, semi-truck owners can stop buying a new air filters every time the old one gets dirty. Besides the possible cost savings, by using this heavy duty air filter, you also stop throwing away those dirty old paper air filters on a regular basis, helping to lower the amount of waste going into our landfills.

The 38-2032S has been engineered to do exactly what you need your air filter to do and last a lot longer than the stock paper air filter. Backing this commercial grade air filter is K&N's 3 year or 300,000 mile limited warranty. To find the correct K&N heavy duty air filter for your rig enter your existing air filter information into K&N's cross reference filter search.

K&N 38-2032S cross references to the following:
Baldwin PA2680
Carquest 88882
Donaldson DBA5047
Donaldson EAF5047
Donaldson P150695
Donaldson P185047
Fleet Air FA2680
Fleetguard AF1969
Fleetguard AF1969M
Fram CA6512
Hastings AF797
Luber-Finer LAF695
Mack 25042054
Mack 57MD42
Mack 57MD42M
Napa 6882
Purolator A84433
WIX 46882

Also find K&N products for street vehicles using the K&N product by vehicle search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.

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