Team Babbits' Tyler Bowers Wins Third Consecutive AMSOIL Championship

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Tyler Bowers' proved his leadership skills during the 2013 AMSOIL Areneacross series in 2013.
Tyler Bowers' proved his leadership skills during the 2013 AMSOIL Areneacross series in 2013.
Anyone who follows AMSOIL Arenacross racing is likely acquainted with two names. Team Babbitt's and Tyler Bowers. These two names go hand -n -hand and have been in the lime-light for the past three years. In fact, Bowers, Team Babbitt's rider, recently earned his third consecutive championship in the series.
Team Babbitt's rider, Tyler Bowers, recently earned his third consecutive AMSOIL  Arenacross series championship.
Team Babbitt's rider, Tyler Bowers, recently earned his third consecutive AMSOIL Arenacross series championship.

Winning has obviously become a tradition for the team, but victories do not come easy in this particular series. After the final race of the season, at the Denver Coliseum in Denver, Colorado; one would suspect that along with a sense of achievement, the team was overwhelmed with a sigh of relief.

Going into the season, I think our confidence level was good," recalled team manager, Denny Bartz. "We were a little concerned about the new format of course. We considered being ready and testing as the keys to success."

Although faced with the uncertainties of a new format Tyler Bowers and his team had no intentions of letting change stand in their way of triumph. Giving the fans awing performances throughout the entire season, it all boiled down to the final event of the year. Again, the rider was ready for the challenge.

Winning his heat on the opening night, Tyler Bowers set a standard he would strive to follow throughout the remainder of his races. In fact, the rider didn't waste any time taking the lead in the first main, and never looked back. In turn, Bowers took the win in a commanding way.

Following a 16-man inversion, Bowers started in the back row. After getting caught up in a crash, the rider continued to work his way to the front of the pack. Fate reared its ugly head a little later in the race though, when another crash transpired in front of him. Remounting his bike, he finished the race in eighth place, and earning third overall.

Returning the following day, the rider still held the overall points lead for the series, but Jeff Gibson was running a close second. That in mind, Bowers and Team Babbitt's was aware that a good performance was the only thing capable of ensuring he cinched the championship.

Crossing the finish line in the second position during the first main of the day, the title was still on the line. To obtain his aspirations of winning his third consecutive championship, the rider must finish at least five places ahead of Team Faith's Jeff Gibson.

The goal was definitely obtainable. The key was to ride smart and avoid any crashes. As the race wound down, the tension intensified with every lap. Finally, the rider and his team could savor a sigh of relief and the championship when the waving of the checkered flag deemed the race over. Tyler Bowers, finished as the series champion with three points to spare.

According to Bartz, a lot of hard work and preparation went into the season long before the opening race was deemed underway. That said, each rider was more than eager to improve and had the responsibility to push themselves and their abilities.

But on the other hand, each and every team must depend upon someone as their leader. In this case, Tyler Bowers was the man. "They really started getting ready about October," recalled Bartz. Referring to Bowers' leadership skills, he continued, "He has taken that roll for the last couple of years. And he is good at it."

When asked what separates the rider from his competitors, Bartz said, "His corner speed and whoops. He just wants to win every time he's in the starting gate."

As they begin to prepare for the upcoming season, Denny Bartz is confident that all of the team's riders will be prepared to dazzle the fans with another exciting run. He is confident they have the skills, mindset and experience to walk away with yet another championship. However, Bartz and the remainder of the team realize that success also depends a great deal upon keeping their bikes in tip-top running condition.

"Maintenance is very important," he ensured. "You can't win championships with bike problems. That in mind, they are advocates of taking all steps to ensure their engines remain contaminant free in the harsh environment of arenacross racing. In turn, they wouldn't accept anything but the best when it comes to their filtering needs. We've been using K&N air and oil filters for eight years," explained the team manager. "They've been great products."

Although more than likely enjoying a break from the action, Denny Bartz and Team Babbitt's are also probably eagerly anticipating the sound of revving engines and the excitement of competition. When asked what fans can expect from the team during the upcoming season, his answer was short and to the point. "He said with a laugh, "Another championship, I hope."

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