AMA Racer Chad Wienen Takes Overall Win at ATVMX Series Opener

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Chad Weinen finished his first AMA sanctioned event of 2013 with an overall win.
Chad Weinen finished his first AMA sanctioned event of 2013 with an overall win.n
Chad Wienen, ATVMX Series rider, embarked upon a journey during the off season; not as a means of getting away from the hustles and bustles of everyday life, but to train for the upcoming year of racing.

"I headed south to Florida for the winter and had a good routine between off-bike training and testing on the machine," recalled the rider. "I feel I have a good drive to keep me motivated to get stronger each off season.
Chad Weinen began the 2013 season healthy and eager to match riding skills with his competitors.
Chad Weinen began the 2013 season healthy and eager to match riding skills with his competitors.

"It is very important to be in good physical condition," he ensured. "At the level we race, you have to be able to not only finish races, but keep your endurance throughout the entire moto. To be able to push yourself all the way through."

As the season opener rolled around, Wienen showed up at the Aonia Pass MX in Washington, Georgia physically prepared and with confidence on his side. In spite of a back injury, he still managed to experience success the previous year. He would return in 2013 with the comfort of running the same program that had already proven itself, but at a much healthier state. Everything was lining up for another great season.

Although the air was filled with excitement and anticipation, Mother Nature showed up at the opening round of the AMA sanctioned, Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship in a foul mood. But it would take a little more than muddy conditions to sidetrack the riders. The time they had been anticipating had finally arrived, and they were eager to race. In fact, 23 pro riders created a full gate.
Chad Weinen anticipates a podium-filled season in 2013.
Chad Weinen anticipates a podium-filled season in 2013.

When asked his thoughts on racing in muddy conditions, Wienen said, "Well. . . that's racing. You never know what the weather is going to do, and you just need to prepare for it. We have our machines dialed in well for wet and muddy conditions, so that always helps as well."

After qualifying third, Wienen came out of the gate in fifth when the first moto was deemed underway. Utilizing previous experience, he avoided taking too much mud from the riders in front of him. Methodically working his way forward, the rider managed to make clean passes, and at the race's end, crossed the finish line behind two other riders.

With the first moto of the season in the rear view mirror, Wienen had no intentions of doing anything less than continuing an impressive performance. Focused on success, the rider was situated in second place at the waving of the checkered flag. At the event's end, Chad Wienen had earned the overall win.

Having been racing on this particular series since 2004, Wienen obviously went into the 2013 season with a game plan and a knowledge of the stiff competition awaiting him. When asked what separated him from his fellow competitors, the rider suggested, "Probably my drive, and my will to win. Not riding over my head, to get where I want to be. The key to success this season will be staying healthy and keeping the machine up on the podium."

Experience has taught Wienen that success will also depend a great deal upon keeping his bike in optimal working order. Maintenance is extremely important," explained the rider. "You have to finish every moto, and if you keep up with maintaining your machine, you know it's going to run the best it can."

Wienen and his team strive to keep the internal components of their engines contaminant free. That in mind, they depend upon K&N products for their filtering needs.

"We use K&N air filters, pre-charger, cleaner, air filter oil and oil filters," he ensured. K&N products are hands down, the best out there."

With the 2013 season barely underway, Chad Wienen and his team are looking forward to each and every race that lies ahead. When asked if there was one race in particular that he most anticipated, the rider said, "Red Bud; I really enjoy riding on that track. They have a great facility.

Of course though, every race of the season is equally important in the grand scheme of things. When asked what fans can expect from Chad Wienen throughout the remainder of the season, the rider explained, Exciting races and a plan to carry the red plate for the rest of the year."

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