Cam Reimers Posted Seasons First Top-Five Finish in Traxxas TORC Series at Eldora Speedway

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TORC Series PRO Lite racer Cam Reimers at Eldora Speedway
TORC Series PRO Lite racer Cam Reimers at Eldora Speedway
Cam Reimers took advantage of sloppy, stormy conditions at Eldora Speedway and posted his first top-five finish of the season in the Traxxas TORC Series in May.

Reimers, running his first full season in the TORC Series, was fifth in the PRO Lite race at Eldora Speedway in Ohio. Eldora Speedway was supposed to host Rounds 3 and 4 of the TORC Series, but rain washed out the fourth round.

The stormy conditions evened the playing field for Reimers and his team. Rain washed out the practice sessions and qualifying; leaving some of the better-funded teams without the data to make adjustments before the race.
PRO Lite racer Cam Reimers is running his first full season in the TORC Series
PRO Lite racer Cam Reimers is running his first full season in the TORC Series

"I wasn't that upset. There are quite a few high-dollar, budget teams there that make a lot of changes and have a lot of different gearing choices," Reimers said. "We're kind of limited on some of that. The less test and tune time they have, sometimes it's not all bad for a team like us. I enjoyed it. I actually didn't mind only being on the track once."

His first top-five finish came after a disappointing opening to the season at Dodge City Raceway in Kansas. Reimers opened with an 11th-place finish in the opening race and followed with a seventh-place finish in Round 2.

The team gradually improved through the first three races of the season, an encouraging trend, Reimers said. He anticipated better results at Eldora Speedway after the races in Kansas.

"The team is getting better race to race," Reimers said. "To be completely honest, I feel better every time I get in the truck. It was muddy and the track conditions were terrible, but I still just kind of focused on racing, not necessarily the truck. There wasn't a lot of thought behind it. I was just driving and stuff kind of clicked."
Cam Reimers is in ninth place in the TORC Series PRO Lite standings after six rounds
Cam Reimers is in ninth place in the TORC Series PRO Lite standings after six rounds

Conditions at Eldora Speedway were terrible. The first two practice sessions were cancelled because of rain. Reimers said the track officials had about 10 drivers meetings to inform the teams about the changes in the schedule. Qualifying was cancelled and the start of the race was delayed because of the weather.

"To be quite honest, they didn't do much to prep the track," Reimers said. "They weren't doing much to make it better. They put us right out on the track after it rained. It was raining so hard, we did one little pace lap and they sent us right back into the pits. It poured for 15 minutes. It came down hard."

Rounds 3 and 4 were supposed to be run at Eldora Speedway. Round 4 was postponed because of the weather.

Reimers posted a pair of top-10 finishes at Bark River International Raceway in Minnesota. Bark River hosted Round 4, 5 and 6 of the TORC Series. He was sixth in the Round 4 race and eighth in the Round 5 race. He finished in 11th place in the Round 6 race.

But Reimers, an accomplished motocross rider, said he expects to win some races even in his first season in the TORC Series. He is in ninth place in the TORC Series PRO Lite standings after six rounds.

"Our goal is to come out and to win," Reimers said. "We come from a type of racing where we're accustomed to winning. I like to go for the top five. Some team's goals are a top five. But that's not our goal. I think we might need to have some luck to pull off a win. I don't think that's a stretch of the imagination to say that. Our goals are to win races."

The next two races in the TORC Series are at Crandon International Off Road Raceway in Wisconsin at the end of June.

"We're limited on budgets compared to some teams, but we've got good people behind us that are helping us," Reimers said. "Out of the smaller teams, I would definitely put ours as the strongest one out of all of them."

Using K&N filters is one of the reason Reimers team is running as well as it is. During the races in Dodge City, Reimers flipped his truck in practice and the filters prevented a dangerous situation from escalating.

"I rolled the truck over in practice and could see the fuel coming out the filter lid," Reimers said. "They're thinking about mandating a rule for that, you have to run a filter lid like how K&N makes so the fuel runs out. They had an incident the next night where a guy rolled. They rolled him back over and there was a huge flash fire. I think about stuff like that even from a safety aspect with the K&N deal. That could have been me."

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