K&N’s Lance Coury Wins Speed & Style Gold at 2013 Summer X Games in Brazil

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Coury has worked hard to belong on a short list of the world’s best, the X Games gold confirmed that the effort is paying off.
Coury has worked hard to belong on a short list of the world’s best, the X Games gold confirmed that the effort is paying off.
Does speed trump style or will creative flair dust simple blunt force? That’s the question the X Games Speed and Style event answers in the most ridiculously entertaining fashion. The event pits the world's fastest racers against the planet’s premier freestylers, creating the ultimate arena showdown, to decide who the fastest freestyler is. At the 2013 Summer X Games held in Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil, competing on one of the biggest courses to date – that answer was Lance Coury.
K&N’s Lance Coury tapped Speed and Style gold in his first ever X Games.

“It was a dream come true,” declared Coury. “Riding the X Games was always a career goal, and to come in and win a Gold medal was just insane! Definitely a career highlight.”

What makes it insane is that this was the Honda rider’s first ever X Games appearance. The rookie who didn’t even expect to make it to the games, proved without question that he belongs with the world’s best, as he defeated Andre Villa in front of a hugely whipped up Brazilian crowd to win the gold medal.

The Speed and Style event at the X Games is set up as a four lap race around a Supercross style track consisting of whoops, rhythm sections, and a freestyle motocross jump. “The first three laps you have to do FMX tricks which are judged for points,” Coury explains. “And the whole time you are battling another rider to progress to the final round. Each second you beat your opponent by, adds to your FMX score to decide the official winner. It’s complicated in writing but exciting to watch!”
The Canoga Park, California rider tends to draw a crowd wherever he rides.
The Canoga Park, California rider tends to draw a crowd wherever he rides.

The gold medal was also a personal validation that Coury is clearly on the right path to emulate his career role model, Travis Pastrana. >

“Pastrana is that guy who always looks like he is happy and having a good time, and how could you not respect and look up to him,” Coury asks rhetorically. “I want to have fun with whatever I am doing just like him.
The sky’s the limit for the fastest freestyler.
The sky’s the limit for the fastest freestyler.
I want to keep progressing and push forward. There are more events in the future and the competition is always there!”

Pastrana won the Speed and Style gold in 2010, three years after the discipline was first introduced to the X Games roster.

“Heck yea I plan on defending my title!” answers Coury when asked about next year’s X Games. “Winning Gold was an awesome feeling, I want it again!”

Next up for the K&N backed rider is the X Games in Barcelona, Spain starting May 16-19.

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