Andy Gregg Wins Wing 360 Sprint Car Race at Placerville Speedway in Northern California

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Andy Gregg and his Wing 360 Sprint Car
Andy Gregg and his Wing 360 Sprint Car
Andy Gregg won his first Wing 360 Sprint Car race of the season at Placerville Speedway in Northern California, completing the final seven laps of the race with a broken shock. Gregg passed Mason Moore for the lead on lap six and was able to extend his lead on the dirt track, but ran into some trouble in the closing laps of the race.

“Something happened and the bolt pulled out of the shock,” Gregg said. “I was able to make adjustments to my line and my driving to accommodate for it. We actually were still able to inch away a little bit from second place to keep our comfortable lead even with the shock not being there.”
Andy Gregg now third in Wing 360 Sprint standings after Placerville Speedway win
Andy Gregg now third in Wing 360 Sprint standings after Placerville Speedway win

Gregg said his left front shock was knocked out of place on lap 18 of the 25-lap main event.

“The track was pretty hooked up and the car wanted to wheely up a little bit sometimes coming out of turn 2,” Gregg said. “One of the times when I wheelied up, when the front end came back down, it was just the right angle and the right pressure on the shock and it just popped it off. I think it was just kind of a fluke thing. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

It was Gregg’s first win in eight starts at Placerville. He has four top-five finishes at the track. He qualified second for the race, but had to pass two cars to take the lead. “Once I got the lead, I could pick and choose my line,” Gregg said. “We started to stretch out a little bit of a lead.”

He was fifth in the heat race, but Gregg said he wanted to take it easy early in the night and try to avoid the last-chance qualifier to make the main event.

“Sometimes it’s better just to settle in and take that transfer spot than to not make a direct transfer in to the main event,” Gregg said. “Heat races don’t pay any money. That fifth-place finish doesn’t necessarily reflect how good the car was. The car was handling great. We had a lot of momentum. The heat race is more strategy than anything.”

Gregg, who lives in Placerville, was third in the Wing 360 Sprint standings at the track after winning his first race. Even though Placerville Speedway is his home track, he doesn’t race there as much as he would like to.

“It’s actually my hometown track, but I don’t get to race there that often because we are constantly chasing the bigger races,” Gregg said. “We venture up into Oregon and Washington, Nevada and Arizona, too. It’s a lot of racing to do.”

He does not plan on racing for the track championship at Placerville. There are races in Oregon that he plans to enter during the summer.

“We’re not committed to the championship there,” Gregg said. “At the moment we’re third in points. We might venture out to some bigger, more prestigious races.” He credits the K&N air and oil filters for allowing to his team to compete at such a high level.

“Every little bit helps,” Gregg said. “They’re air filters are bar-none the best when it comes to dirt. It’s really strong and can really handle the abuse. That’s why their stuff is far superior than the other Sprint car air filters out there. Their oil filters are my favorite. On the bottom of them they have the nut, where you can use. There are times when things get really greasy and dirty and it’s hard to get the oil filter off. The K&N brand has the quick remove.”

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