Team PCS Performance/Can-am's Josh Creamer to Race AMA ATV Motocross Racing Series

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Josh Creamer will be racing in the AMA ATV Motocross Racing Series during the 2013 season with team PCS Performance/ Can-am.
Josh Creamer will be racing in the AMA ATV Motocross Racing Series during the 2013 season with team PCS Performance/ Can-am.
At the 2010 AMA ATV Motocross Racing Series’ end, Josh Creamer had pulled off the accomplishment that, he and all of his fellow drivers, had been shooting for. From the seat of his factory-backed Suzuki LTR 450 ATV, he had earned the series champion title.

At the beginning of the 2011 ATV racing season, all of the competitors hit the tracks sharing the same goal. But there was one thing distinctively different - Josh Creamer was not on the scene.

In fact, after wining the 2010 championship, the rider found himself in somewhat of a pickle. Suzuki opted to pull out of the series. Choosing to step away from AMA ATV Motocross racing events, the rider focused his attention to riding in the NEATV-MX series. With full intentions of continuing a winning tradition, Creamer was second in the points race at the season’s end, behind, Dustin Wimmer.
After sitting out of the AMA ATV Motocross Racing Series, former champion, Josh Creamer, is anxious to return in 2013.
After sitting out of the AMA ATV Motocross Racing Series, former champion, Josh Creamer, is anxious to return in 2013.

The rider jumped onboard with the BCS Performance Can-am team the following year to race in the New England ATV Motocross series. Again, Creamer put his nose to the grindstone with winning on his mind. At the end of the 2012 ATV race season, his persistence and skills from the seat of his BCS Performance Can-am DS450 ATV had earned him two more titles. He walked away having earned both the NEATV-MX Pro and Pro-Am championships.

After sitting the AMA ATV MX series out for two years, the former champion is geared up and ready to return for the 2013 season with team BCS Performance/ Can-am, and hopefully regain the number one plate.

“I am very excited about my return. I came down to Florida in the beginning of January to start training physically,” he explained “But mentally, I’m always preparing. I work out in the morning and do two motos during the day, then another workout session in the afternoon.”

Stressing the importance of physical preparedness, Creamer continued, “Fitness is key to the sport. You have to be strong and in shape to hold onto and be able to control a 400-pound machine through obstacles and rough conditions.” With a chuckIe he said, “I have to get myself back into the shape I used to be in and am not getting any younger.

“The key to success is going to be starts,” he stated.”Races are a bit shorter this year, and the top six of the field is very tight. So whoever can get out front and have clear track is going to be tough to run down in traffic. I think 2013 is going to be one of the toughest years in a while. There are a lot of us who want to win and know we can.”

Although Josh Creamer as obviously proven himself as a force to be reckoned with, the rider is also aware that his team will play a huge role in his success. “My team is great,” he shared. “Everyone at BCS Performance works hard and builds a great bike.”

As all riders of Creamer’s caliber will agree, the greatest of bikes are vulnerable to breakdowns, and must be maintained to the jot and tittle. “Maintenance is the key; without it you have problems. And with problems, you don’t win,” he explained.

That in mind, ATV racer Josh Creamer and team BCS Performance are strong advocates of keeping all foreign debris from entering the internal compartment of their engines. In turn, they depend upon K&N products to provide them with their filtering needs.

“We run K&N air and oil filters,” he explained. “Love the product. . . I have been using them for years. It’s easy to use what works best. They let the bike get more air, and more air equals the potential for more power. And with Jay at BCS doing the motors, I know it’s more power.”

Josh Creamer and PCS Performance are scheduled to run 10 ATV race events during 2013, the season opener taking place at Aonia Pass, in Washington Georgia. Looking forward to the season, the rider concluded, “Fans can expect to see some great racing and hopefully, a lot of wins.”

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