K&N Sponsors Auto Smarts Radio 2013 Classic Cruise-In and Classic Car Giveaway

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Dan Longenette's Badd 1957 Chevy Bel Air
Dan Longenette's Badd 1957 Chevy Bel Air
Long before European settlers established a presence in Ohio, American Indian tribes were growing corn, beans, squash and pumpkins there. To this day, a huge portion of the state is still highly agricultural. With mile-after-mile of farming flatland linked and framed by roads that seem to simply fall off the horizon, this is a little slice of classic car heaven. And, the benevolent deity that rules over this motorsport paradise is Auto Smarts Radio Network's Dan "Boots" Longenette.
1971 Classic Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible - Customized 442 Hurst Olds clone with a 455.
1971 Classic Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible - Customized 442 Hurst Olds clone with a 455.

"It all started when I was a young boy playing with hot wheels and my mom was a huge car nut too," said Longenette. "On our trips to Florida for vacations I was always on the watch for classic cars, and I would talk my dad into stopping by salvage yards on the way south to look for classic cars."

Longenette adds credence to the notion that motorsport obsession is indeed a gift you're born into, and one that continues to intensify as we grow older. Auto Smarts Radio is central Ohio's premiere radio show dedicated to those that are looking to buy, repair, or race cars, trucks, motorcycles or anything with motorized wheels, and Longenette is the co-founder of the network.

With a quarter of a century of experience in the automotive industry to draw on, Longenette anchors a highly successful daily radio broadcast along with four other diverse personalities. Whether they're fielding calls and email questions, or engaging in very special interviews with Jay Leno, Richard Petty, or Jeg Coughlin, the Auto Smarts gang offers plenty of valuable insights along with lively and entertaining banter during their fast-paced weekday shows or their two-hour weekend spectaculars. That's 21 stations, 27 times per week for Classic, Modern Classic, Muscle and Vintage car aficionados. The information provided is detailed and thorough and at times the shows become intensely personal for the devoutly passionate listeners.

The little boy with the hot wheels collection is today a radio personality with a tremendous state-wide following. Fans have in fact referred to him as Ohio's "NASCAR" because as rabid as NASCAR fans can become, Auto Smarts listeners are actually even more prolific in these parts. In answer to the extreme fan enthusiasm, beginning late spring through late summer, Auto Smarts Radio and Dan "Boots" Longenette will once again be taking the Auto Smart Radio Classic Cruise-In on the road, throughout all of Central Ohio. And this year they've really sweetened the Cruise-In pot guaranteeing to make any gear-head go just a little more crazy.

Presented by Pepsi Max and sponsored by K&N, the 2013 Tour will provide listeners the opportunity to win a dazzling 1971 Classic Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible - a fully customized 442 Hurst Olds clone with a 455. It's a classic car lover's dream.

"I thought it would be a classic car most people would recognize and enjoy with the top down," stated Longenette. "I was in search of a vehicle from 1955 to 1972. I looked at many cars and this Cutlass had everything I was looking for in the perfect give away car."

Longenette is a die-hard K&N Filter lover we were told, so K&N's evolvement with the Cruise-in only makes sense. "After using a K&N filter the first time I was amazed on how long it lasted and I thought it made the car run better," he adds. "I am, and always have been, a big oil and filter change guy, and K&N made life easier. I have one on my 1957 Chevy, 1993 Suburban and every car I've owned since the mid-90s."

The contest begins in April and will continue until the last Cruise-In on October 7th at the Columbus Zoo. Each Cruise-In is slated to be a full-fledged, three hour "Boots" personality appearance extravaganza.

"I had no money when I moved to Columbus and when my dress shoes fell apart due to weather, I wore my old boots," explained Longenette referring the footwear nickname. "And the owner of the dealership made fun of the me by calling me "Boots" and it stuck."

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