Reusable Synthetic K&N Performance Clamp-on Crankcase Vent Filters Available in Three Colors

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K&N Conical White Crankcase Vent Filter
K&N Conical White Crankcase Vent Filter
It is a fact of life that to get more efficient engine performance and to prevent oil leakage from blow-by, an engine's crankcase needs to be ventilated.
K&N Conical Blue Crankcase Vent Filter
K&N Conical Blue Crankcase Vent Filter
Most modern vehicles utilize a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve or some other form of emissions control system. Whereas for many custom built cars, a PCV valve may not be a practical design. Since the crankcase still needs ventilation, K&N has developed universal clamp-on crankcase vent filters.

These filters are ideal for engines, transmissions, even oil or gas tanks on racing vehicles that require venting. K&N has released 4 specific part numbers in different colors to offer a perfect match to a specific under the hood theme or vehicle paint job. These part numbers include 62-1600BL (conical blue crankcase vent filter), 62-1600WT (conical white crankcase vent filter), 62-1600RD (conical red crankcase vent filter) and 62-1590WT (round white crankcase vent filter).
K&N White Steel Base Crankcase Vent Filter
K&N White Steel Base Crankcase Vent Filter 62-1590WT

These three conical vent filters (62-1600BL, 62-1600WT, 62-1600RD) are composed of a rubber base flange with an inside diameter of 1/2 inch. Included is a reducer to accomidate a 3/8 inch inside diameter. These come with a hose clamp and a chrome top. The 62-1590WT has a metal 1 inch mounting stem. It can be used on valve covers that have a 1 inch hole. It comes with a grommet to help with mounting. All of these vent filters are made with a non-oiled, non-woven synthetic filter media to assist with capturing excess oil blow-by and provide a breathable filtration surface for escaping crankcase vent gases.
K&N Conical Red Crankcase Vent Filter
K&N Conical Red Crankcase Vent Filter

These K&N crankcase vent filters are washable, reusable and backed with a 1 year limited warranty.

After you have used K&N vent filter 62-1600BL, 62-1600WT, 62-1600RD, or 62-1590WT, let K&N know what you think by sending us your feedback.

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