SEMA Project Builder Sam Piazza Brings 2010 Chevy Camaro SS to Las Vegas

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There are many drivers and enthusiasts around the world that have been involved with project show car builds. Taking an American classic or a sporty import and transforming it into a car show sensation is a popular hobby in the US. However, not so many of these builders do so with their own daily driver, except for Sam Piazza and his 2010 Camaro SS.
2010 Camaro SS at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada
2010 Camaro SS at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada
"I am a car enthusiast who really loves cars," said Piazza. "I love building them not to only look pretty, but perform like a monster on the track."

Getting a dedicated show car ready for SEMA is quite a challenge, but doing so with your own daily driver seems to be an entirely new challenge. "I have been going to SEMA since 2009," reported Piazza. "It takes a lot of stress, long nights, help from friends, and dedication to get your car ready for SEMA.
Sam Piazza's SEMA featured 600HP Camaro SS Turbo
Sam Piazza's SEMA featured 600HP Camaro SS Turbo
Thousands of people are going to see your car, so you want it looking its best." Even last minute touches to vehicles can be stressful. "Every time I go to SEMA, I would be working on the car the night before roll-in."

With about 6 years of experience working with project vehicles and a youthful start being around anything automotive, Sam being only 23 years old has completed more than some industry veterans have accomplished. "...I still have much more knowledge to gain. This is only my second project/personal car that I put my heart and soul into. I really don't have a specialty, but can do a little of everything... I know my weakness is electrical though."

When asked what the inspiration or the theme of his Camaro build was, Sam replied, "I wanted to make my Camaro like no other Camaro that you would see out there (or in SEMA). There are a few custom made parts that you would only see on my car at SEMA. I also wanted it to have that sinister look at the same time. That's why I went with the black brushed wrap from 3m. I know you wouldn't see another Camaro with that wrap, plus it gave it that mean look."
Rideskinz Aggressor LTZ front fascia bumper with carbon accents displayed on Camaro SS at SEMA
Rideskinz Aggressor LTZ front fascia bumper with carbon accents displayed on Camaro SS at SEMA

To complement the styling for the exterior, Sam's SS also sports a powerful Turbonetics single turbo kit and a K&N performance air filter to fit his custom intake tubing making a mean look into mean power. "I used a K&N... because I know that they are one of the best filters out there and wanted to get the most flow into the turbo without sacrificing filtration," said Piazza. "I first used K&N products when I was around 13 and replacing my mother's air filter in her car. So ever since then [I've] been using some kind of K&N intake on my cars."

Hopeful and looking forward to 2013, Sam is expecting to finalize his Camaro along with his team and car building friends at Team Ar-Kan. "My goal for the coming year is to keep modifying the car to where I think needs improvement," said Sam. "I want to get some kind of air suspension, big brake kit, rear end upgrade, and whatever will make my car look better. The main goal is to win some kind of award to every show that I attend. When asked about his dream for the Camaro Sam replied, "My dream goal is to have my car featured in Chevy's booth at SEMA 2013." An excellent goal to strive for from an up and coming builder just waiting for his break in the automotive world. Sam also mentioned his thanks and gratitude towards all around him during his projects. "I want to thank my family and girlfriend first for putting up with my crazy car addiction, [and for] always letting me borrow their cars when my car is getting worked on. Second my friends for helping me build my car. My friends at Team Ar-Kan are like my second family and a lot of us rolled together to SEMA 2012." Sam also went on to thank all the sponsors and manufacturers involved with the build.

Sam Piazza's 2010 Chevy Camaro SS is modified with the following:

Turbonetics Single Turbo Kit on this SEMA show Camaro SS
Turbonetics Single Turbo Kit on this SEMA show Camaro SS
  • Turbonetics Single Turbo Kit (600RWHP/650 Torque at 8 PSI)
  • JBA Straight Pipes
  • Zoomers 3inch Cat-Back Exhaust
  • AEM Water/Meth kit
  • Hallman Pro RX Manual Boost Controller
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Granatelli High Performance Spark Plug Wires - 0 Ohms
  • Tech AFX Hose Re-locator Kit
  • ACT Street Clutch Kit with lightened Flywheel
  • Carbon Fiber Engine Covers
  • Hurst Short Throw Shifter
  • CMS Tune
  • Hotchkis Suspension Sway Bars
  • Hotchkis Suspension End links
  • 2010 Camaro SS sporting 22 Inch Savini Black Di Forza BM-4 Wheels at SEMA
    2010 Camaro SS sporting 22 Inch Savini Black Di Forza BM-4 Wheels at SEMA
  • Hotchkis Suspension Strut Bar
  • Hotchkis Suspension Chassis Brace
  • Megan Racing Fully Adjustable Coilovers
  • Spohn Rear Trailing Arms and Tie Rods
  • Prothane Bushings-Full kit - (Arms, Diff, Sub-Frame, Every Bushing on Car.)
  • Hawk HPS Brake Pads
  • Savini Black Di Forza BM-4 Wheels - 22 Inch
  • Rideskinz Aggressor LTZ front fascia bumper- With Carbon Accents
  • Rideskinz Prototype Side Skirt - Carbon Fiber
  • 3M Black Stainless Brushed Metallic Wrap - Wrapped by RoloTech Car Wraps
  • Seibon Carbon Hood Tinted Black
  • Seibon Trunk Tinted Black
  • Extreme Dimensions Wing Tinted Black
  • Dry Carbon Wrapped Roof
  • ABlaze Grille
  • SEMA featured this modified 2010 Camaro SS with 3M Black Stainless Brushed Metallic Wrap
    SEMA featured this modified 2010 Camaro SS with 3M Black Stainless Brushed Metallic Wrap
  • Painted Brembo Brakes with Camaro Logos
  • Cipher Auto Racing Seats - CPA2001, Harness Bar, and Harnesses
  • Custom Seat brackets
  • Carbon Wrapped Door, Dash, and Side Kick Panels
  • Scosche EFX Speakers Front/Rear
  • Scosche1000w amp and 400 w 4 channel Amp
  • 2-Scosche 10 inch EFX Subs w/ custom box
  • Kenwood 6990HD headunit
  • Scosche double din head unit kit
  • Custom Tune by CMS
  • Hurst Short Throw Shifter
  • Transformers Steering Wheel
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