Beau Baron Pulls Off WORCS Championship While David Haagsma Grabs #3 Spot

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Beau Baron Maxxis/H&M Honda ATV poster
Beau Baron Maxxis/H&M Honda ATV poster
2012 proved to be special year for professional ATV racer Beau Baron and his Maxxis/H&M Motorsports team. Baron captured the WORCS ATV Pro Championship with a dominating performance aboard his Maxxis Tires Honda, capturing the championship with a win at his home track, Honolulu Hills MX in Taft, California, with a full complement of his friends and family cheering him on.

"It was great winning the championship at home," Baron said. "I was a little reluctant to make an official invite to all of my friends and family because I did not want to jinx my chance of winning in any way. I felt like if I asked people to come that it meant I was expecting to win, and I know it's not over until I cross the finish line with a checker flag waving."

"Somehow word got out a little, and more of my family and friends showed up than usual. In the end I was really happy they were there with me."

The most impressive part of the championship run may be that the H&M Motorsports team just completed their first year in racing, and the team was able to capture two championships. Teammate David Haagsma captured the Quad-X Pro 450 championship while also finishing third in the WORCS Pro series.

David Haagsma Maxxis/H&M Honda ATV poster
David Haagsma Maxxis/H&M Honda ATV poster
"As a brand new, first-year team, we had a lot of obstacles to overcome. I'm just very appreciative of the team because they handled most of them. I think the most important thing we did was prove ourselves. One championship is impressive for a new team, but two really makes a statement. We are all proud of that."

Baron credited his intense training schedule for his success this year, and also did not hesitate to point out the bond that he shares with Haagsma. The two live nearby and train together regularly, pushing each other as if every day was race day and the winner was the champion.

K&N sponsored David Haagsma bringing some money home after WORCS victory
K&N sponsored David Haagsma bringing some money home after WORCS victory
"We motivate each other and because of how close we live to each other, we ride together often. As racers, we feel like we always have to be competing, so it's hard to let that go even during practice and it always ends up that we really push each other. That's a much better way to practice than by yourself."

Baron also kept himself busy when not racing quads by competing in various SXS races. Essentially a mix of motocross and stadium short-course racing with the ultra-quick and increasingly popular UTV's, Baron saw far less success in the cockpit than he did on the seat this year; but that could all change next season.

"I added the SXS racing to my program last year but I was kind of on my own. I am excited to announce that next year the SXS racing will also be part of the H&M team's program and I think this will be a good addition. I am hoping to win championships in both the WORCS ATV and SXS series as well as the Quad X series next season."

Baron credited his team's reliability throughout the season on his successful year. While Baron needed only to avoid a DNF in the final race, he instead had the confidence to push his quad to the limit and wrap up the championship while celebrating a victory. One of the reason's his Sparks motor was so reliable was the use of K&N Filters.

"We use K&N Air and Oil Filters on our Honda TRX 450. K&N is obviously our biggest defense against dust and dirt. We know we never have to worry about the reliability of K&N's products."

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