Jared Mees Earns A Victory at Hagerstown in the 31st Annual Hub City Classic

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AMA 31st Annual Hub City Classic racer Jared Mees
AMA 31st Annual Hub City Classic racer Jared Mees
Jared Mees and his crew recently embarked upon an exciting and rewarding race at the Hagerstown Speedway, at Hagerstown Maryland. Rolling into the AMA 31st Annual Hub City Classic, Mees knew he had his work cut out for him, as several prominent riders were scheduled to partake in the event. Racing in the GNC Expert class, Mees was not intimidated by the stiff competition. In fact, he made a statement right off of the bat by leading the pace in the qualifying round.

"My confidence level was great,” recalled the rider. "Hagerstown is a track where I excel and I was looking forward to winning this race, as it is a race that my family and friends attend every year. I have raced there since I turned pro. It's a great place.”

With an impressive qualifying time behind him, Mees focused on his heat. Once again the rider attacked the track with vigor, in turn dominating his competition. Earning the pole position in the feature race, Mees was prepared for a fierce battle.

Prior to the waving of the green flag, Mees was already aware of the rider who would likely prove his stiffest competition. Jake Johnson had finished the Dash For Cash in first place earlier on the event, and was suspect of giving Mees a run for his money. Family and friends were in the stands though, and he had no intentions of letting them down.

Jared Mees wasted no time taking the lead when the race was deemed underway. In fact, he quickly distanced himself from the field of eighteen. While Mees had his sights on the finish line, a fierce battle was taking place behind him. Although Johnson was the clear-cut second place driver, Jeffery Carver Jr. Johnny Lewis and Sammy Halbert were all three biding for the last spot on the podium.

Although the impressive match of skills and determination was taking place behind him, the lead rider was focused on one thing and one thing only - the finish line. Upon completing lap twenty, and taking the checkered flag, Jared Mees had not only earned his first victory of the season, but had took the top podium spot during one of his "dream races to win”.

"This place has been on my radar to win,” explained Mees. "I am glad that I got my first win of the season here. It felt good for my family to finally see me win one.”

Referring to his victory over Johnson, he continued, "We both grew up in the same area, so Hagerstown is our home track. Keeping the wheels on line and rolling through the corner better was the key to my victory.”

For a rider to experience success, their bike must obviously be in tip-top running condition. That in mind, Mees considers his team of utmost importance. "We have been together since 2009,” he explained. Since the bikes were so good going into the race we didn't have to change one thing all day.”

Jared Mees and his tram are strong advocates of proper maintenance. They depend upon K&N products to keep the internal components of their engines running contaminant free while still allowing an adequate air and oil flow to handle the rigors of the sport.

"Maintenance is very important,” Mees explained. "I've been using K&N oil and air filters since my career started. They are the best out there.”

Although Jared Mees savored his recent victory at Hagerstown Speedway, he was also aware that the season was a far cry from over. That in mind, he put the race behind him and focused on the remainder of 2012. When asked the key to success throughout his succession of upcoming events, the rider answered, "We have to experience consistent finishes. Our fans can expect us to be on top at the end.”

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