FourPlay Racing Crowns Powerful 2012 Pro Runabout Open Class Debut with a Victory

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Professional Jet Ski racing has been a goal for Victor Nolan since he was a kid
Professional Jet Ski racing has been a goal for Victor Nolan since he was a kid
Growing up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland, Victor Nolan would often daydream. That wasn't unusual in the least, not for a 7-year-old boy romping in the sunshine, while picnicking with his mom at a local park. What was curious though, was the focus of his reverie.

"I remember standing on the beach watching local Jet Ski racers practice and tune their skis, and from that point on it was always something that I wanted to be a part of," Victor recollects. "I started riding at the age of 14, but didn't start racing until the age of 20 for financial reasons. I have participated in many other sports along the way such as baseball, boxing, power lifting, and even drag racing. But my heart has always been in water-cross."

At the age of 17, Victor opened his first business buying, repairing, and reselling home appliances. After three successful years he sold his business and launched his present career, Nolan's Home Improvement, which has developed into a very lucrative enterprise. And guess what; Nolan now has FourPlay Racing, his very own professional jet ski racing team that travels throughout the United States and Canada. The team is centered around family, and consists of several family members. Jennifer, Victor's wife, acts as team manager and Darren Terzi, Jennifers father, acts as crew chief and assistant mechanic. Back in the day Terzi was also a racer, competing in the NHRA.

In 2012 Victor and his team announced their arrival up to the Pro Runabout Open class in a very large way. The team's first two races were in New York. The first was in Kingston back in June, and they dominated the 4-stroke Runabout Open with a first place finish. The second event was at Mayfield in July, "And we once again dominated the Pro Runabout Open with another first place finish," said Victor. "The same weekend we also competed in two other classes, one in the Pro Sport Open were I took a second place, and the other in Pro Ski Stock were I took a 5th place. Then on July 21st and 22nd we were in Colonial Beach Virginia for a national event to compete against some of the best riders in the world. We were having some super charger issues this weekend but took a 5th in moto one, a 7th in moto two, and a 5th in moto three for a 6th place overall finish."

The team's last three races included two National and one Canadian International race. First they traveled to Lake Hartwell, Georgia and they started out strong with a 6th place finish in the first moto. "We then placed 7th in the second moto, and 8th in the third, ending up with an 8th place finish overall," Victor adds. "Considering I am new to this high professional level of racing and competition, I was extremely pleased with how my ski performed and how my racing skills have adjusted as well. A moment I will never forget was receiving a compliment from one of the top tuners in the country in regards to how far I have come as a rider and competitor in such as short amount of time."

Victor Nolan and the FourPlay race team travel across the US and Canada to compete in Water Cross competitons
Victor Nolan and the FourPlay race team travel across the US and Canada to compete in Water Cross competitons
Charleston, West Virginia was team FourPlay Racing's second stop during this outing "We had been waiting for our new super charger to be delivered and received it in just enough time to have it for the race," Victor explained. This enabled us to create more power than we have ever had with this ski. In the first moto I started out on the line in sixth place. By the eighth lap I was able to make some passes and moved myself up to fourth, which was the closest I have been to the Pro US podium yet."

During the race in Charleston, Victor came out on the wrong end of a mishap with another competitor. He was diagnosed with a broken rib and had to miss the last two motos on Sunday. Nonetheless, Victor didn't let a little thing like that stop him from missing his last two motos on Sunday.

"My wife Jennifer, who is a critical care trauma nurse, had to wrap up my entire chest extremely tight to give me enough support so that I could race. After a painful day of racing, I ended up 9th in the second moto, and 7th in the third. This was a long stressful weekend of racing, but thanks to the entire FourPlay Racing team, we were able to work through it together."

FourPlay Racing's 2012 season came to a close in Sarnia, Canada. It was the team's first international race at the pro level. "After two amazing days of racing, we finished in 3rd place overall for both days. This was the most memorable race for the entire season because not only did I end up with two podium finishes but on Saturday I won the second moto! When I'm not racing there is always something to do to prepare myself for the next season," adds Victor already daydreaming about next season.

FourPlay Racing starts their 2013 season May 4th and 5th at Lake Charles, Louisiana. The K&N sponsored team will only be competing on the IJSBA National Tour and in the World Finals.

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