2009-2012 Can-Am Outlander/Renegade ATV's Get High Flow Performance with K&N Air Filter

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Replacement Air Filter for 2009-2012 Can-Am Outlanders and Renegades
Replacement Air Filter for 2009-2012 Can-Am Outlanders and Renegades
It might be easy to envision the Bombardier Recreational Products facility to be manned my hyperkinetic joy-elves working tirelessly round the clock. That would be one explanation for how BRP's Can-Am family of off-road vehicles continually offers market leading changes and new technologies each and every year. With the 2012 model year Can-Am once again reset the ATV bar by giving the Outlander 800R some significant redesign upgrades.
Restriction Chart for CM-8009 Air Filter
Restriction Chart for CM-8009 Air Filter

Although the Outlander 800R uses the same 71-horsepower, 800cc, V-Twin engine it has for the last few years, a key part of the redesign features a new air box which has been reconfigured and positioned at a higher and more centralized location for improved air processing. The air box features a dual-room design that significantly improves the process of air getting into the engine. This is accomplished by capturing grimy air in one portion of the box, and cleaner air in another section, before any air flows into the engine. The air intake is also positioned higher up in the frame, which was designed to improve the Outlander's performance in the mucky off-road environment it was intended for.

Improving air flow and air quality is absolutely essential to superior performance and the folks at Bombardier Recreational Products have taken some noteworthy steps towards that goal. However, K&N has taken this fundamental understanding of internal combustion, and through their own determined engineering efforts, they have lifted air filtration to an art form. K&N's CM-8009 replacement air filter utilizes an adapter tube and high flow filter element that mounts directly to the Outlander or Renegade models listed below. Replacing the restrictive factory air filter with a washable and reusable K&N high-flow air filter is easy. Step-by-step installation instructions are included in the K&N box.
CM-8009 air filter installed
CM-8009 air filter installed

K&N's CM-8009 reusable air filter is designed to increase power and torque. It consists of oiled cotton gauze layered between two sheets of aluminum wire mesh, which provides exceptional filtration and outstanding air flow to help optimize performance, and to keep your Can-Am engine running clean for a very long time.

The CM-8009 air filter can hold a large amount of dirt before cleaning is necessary. The length between servicing depends on your off-road riding circumstances. When it is time for servicing K&N recommends a Recharger Filter Service Kit, which contains an industrial strength degreaser and air filter oil. Using the K&N Recharger® Kit you can restore the air flow and look of your K&N air filter so it perform like new for years down the road.

K&N CM-8009 will fit the Can-Am Outlander and Renegade models listed:

2012 Can-Am Outlander Max 800R EFI
2012 Can-Am Outlander Max 650 EFI
2012 Can-Am Outlander 800R EFI
2012 Can-Am Outlander 650 EFI
2011 Can-Am Renegade 800
2011 Can-Am Outlander Max 800R EFI
2011 Can-Am Outlander Max 650 EFI
2011 Can-Am Outlander 800R EFI
2011 Can-Am Outlander 650 EFI
2010 Can-Am Renegade 800
2010 Can-Am Outlander Max 800R EFI
2010 Can-Am Outlander Max 650 EFI
2010 Can-Am Outlander 800R EFI
2010 Can-Am Outlander 650 EFI
2009 Can-Am Outlander Max 800R EFI
2009 Can-Am Outlander 800R EFI

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