Team Quad75Dezert Takes Second Place in the Baja 500

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After a hard-fought battle at the Baja 500, Quad75Dezert is anticipating success throughout the remainder of 2012.
After a hard-fought battle at the Baja 500, Quad75Dezert is anticipating success throughout the remainder of 2012.
The Quad75dezert team recently rolled into Ensenada, Mexico, eager to get the Baja 500 underway. Although the temperatures were stifling and the dust relentless, the team had been preparing and considered themselves more than ready for the competition. In fact, in preparation for the event, the four-man team embarked upon a regiment of exercise. Not only did they adhere to a strength training program, but they also dedicated time to cardio fitness.
Team Quad75Dezert recently earned a second place spot on the podium at the Baja 500.
Team Quad75Dezert recently earned a second place spot on the podium at the Baja 500.

"One of my least favorite things to do is running stairs," recalled rider/team-manager, Brandon Brown. "Everybody hates them until race day! We use supplements as well, to help us in training and competing. We've been racing in Mexico for a while now," continued Brown. "we have a good idea of the lay of the land. It's going to get tough, and we come prepared."

With "a solid game plan, and proper preparation of man and machine", the team began with Jorie Williams eager to tackle the first forty miles of the long and demanding event. Beginning second off of the line, the rider passed Josh Fredrick prior to the first pit, putting Quad75Dezert in the lead.

Team mechanic/rider, Kenny Sanford was scheduled to embark upon the next leg of the race, and would ride for in the neighborhood of sixty miles. Although Fredrick eventually took the lead over again, Sanford managed to hold on to second position upon being challenged by the third placed team.

Eager to get back on the quad, Jorie Williams took the helm for the second time, and as the race continued, team members, Brandon and Richie Brown anxiously added their skill levels to the mix. Just under eleven hours from the waving of the green flag, team Quad75Dezert was crossing the finish line. The extreme and treacherous conditions had literally sickened a few of their competitors, but the hard work and preparation of the team had paid off. In fact, when the dust finally settled, Quad75Dezert had earned a spot on the podium with second place.

Referring to their confidence level at the one-hundred mile point, Brandon Brown said, "It was high. We felt like we were in pretty good position, and Jorie was getting back on the bike. This kid is arguably the fastest guy in mexico right now, and nobody knows the Summit (one of the most treacherous sections of the race) as well as he does. It's terribly rocky, and there is no access other than the course," he continued. "If someone has a problem or gets hurt, they are going to be camped out on the hill until the race is over, or have a ride in a helicopter."

The Quad75Dezert team is looking forward to the remaining of the season, and has high expectations of stellar performances in the weeks to come. That said, they are extremely aware of what it will take to experience success on a consistent basis. According to the team manager, they are capable of winning every time they show up at an event.

"I honestly believe every time we race, we have the best machine on the line," he shared. "That coupled with good planning, a great support crew and riders that have done the work to prepare keeps us in strong contention."

That said, the team also understand the rigors of this style of racing, and the adverse effect it can have on their quads. That in mind, they are strong advocates of proper maintenance."It is a number one priority, both leading up to and during the race," explained Brown. "You can't win when plagued with mechanical failures."

Referring to the importance of keeping foreign debris from their engines, while still allowing ample air and oil flow, Brown said, "K&N manufactures high quality products, and I cannot imagine competing in the desert without them. Our engines run clean all day long, and that's a must when you're going for the win. We use their air filters, air box lids and oil filters, as well as their chemicals. K&N has been contributing to our success for quite a while now."

Of course the Quad75Dezert team are aware that their driving skills, teamwork, a proper game plan and maintenance are all essential components to success. But they are also very appreciative of their fans. When asked what fans can expect throughout the remainder of 2012 their answer was short and to the point. "We are going to "bring it" to the 1000! We want this championship bad, and know what we have to do to get it."

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