Carl Renezeder's Pro-4 Lucas Oil Off Road Series Race at Miller Motorsports Park Marks 98th Win

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After a succession of bad luck during the early part of the 2012 season, Carl Renezeder recently earned two podium spots during the rounds seven and eight of the LOORS at Miller Motorsports Park.
After a succession of bad luck during the early part of the 2012 season, Carl Renezeder recently earned two podium spots during the rounds seven and eight of the LOORS at Miller Motorsports Park.
Throughout the years, Carl Renezeder has earned a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the world of off-road racing, and rightfully so. Throughout his career, the driver has practically become a fixture on the podium. In fact, as of the season's end in 2011, the driver had logged a staggering ninety seven wins. That said, the he was stricken with a string of bad luck during the first part of this season. Managing to weather the storms, Renezeder appears to be back on track now, as he recently earned career victory number ninety eight in Tooele, Utah during rounds seven and eight of the Lucas Oil Off Road series at the Miller Motorsports Park.

Qualifying second in the Pro-4 class on the opening day, after a four truck inversion the driver started the race in the third spot. After passing Greg Alder in lap three, Renezeder embarked upon a fierce battle with Todd LeDuc, which continued until the mandatory caution in the tenth lap. The drivers remained toe-to-toe for the following four laps, but upon taking the lead with only six laps to go, Renezeder never looked back and took the checkered flag, earning the top spot on the podium.

"After qualifying second, I knew I had the speed to win the upcoming race," recalled Carl Renezeder. "The key to winning was persistence and planning. Once I take the lead, I just concentrate on my driving and winning. It felt great," he continued. "Everyone loves to win."
Carl Renezeder is nearing the one hundred win mark of his career
Carl Renezeder is nearing the one hundred win mark of his career

With the victory behind him, the driver then focused on the upcoming pro-2 race. Although his confidence was high, the rigors of off-road racing took their toll during the early laps when the right-rear tire went flat. Although his crew did a great job at getting the tire changed during the mandatory caution, enough time had transpired to put Renezeder one-half a lap behind the leaders at the restart. The driver did manage to catch the field and pass two trucks though during the second half of the race, cinching him a ninth place finish.

Rolling into Miller Motorsports Park on the following day, Carl Renezeder earned a third place start during the qualifying round of the Pro-4 class. After experiencing a few issues, the driver crossed the finish line in the fourth spot.

Earning the pole starting position on the Pro-2 class, Renezeder, was prepared for a heaping helping of competition, as the wind, dust, and chaos would play a role in the overall outcome of the final race of the event. Battling for position with several trucks throughout the race, Carl Renezeder experienced a flat on the right rear during the closing laps. Although the malfunction kept the driver from catching and passing the front two trucks, Renezeder managed to cross the finish line in third place, earning a spot on the podium for the second time during the weekend.

Referring to the second day of the event, Renezeder said, "Considering I qualified first in both pro and pro-4, my confidence was great! I have great tires, but sometimes stuff just happens. I think the remainder of the season will only get better," he continued. "My team keeps ironing out all of the kinks. Without my team, I'd never get to the podium. They build, tune, and prep my trucks to win."

Carl Renezeder and his team are strong advocates of maintaining their vehicles. That in mind, they depend upon K&N products to keep their engines free of debris. #34;I've been using K&N products for at least nine years," explained the driver. "We use K&N air, oil filters, and filter cleaners because they work. Their products have helped us succeed because they are the best products for our trucks and the best products on the market."

As there are several races to come in 2012, Carl Renezeder is anticipating his one-hundredth career win before the season's end. "We have a promotion on our 'Team Renezeder' Facebook page promoting a ride-along with Carl contest for my 100th win," he explained. "I think my one-hundredth win will be pretty spectacular for me." When asked his expectations for the remainder of the season, Carl Renezeder didn't waste any words; with a single breath he answered, "Wins."

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