United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) Racer Jason Gross Wins at Rice Lake Speedway

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There is a fine line between traction and breaking loose in Dirt Modified racing
There is a fine line between traction and breaking loose in Dirt Modified racing
Halfway through the 2012 season, Wisconsin's Jason Gross and his GR Motorsports team are feeling good. The dirt modified racer has already found victory lane and has run up front consistently this year, and the best has yet to come, as the team prepares to take ownership of a new car.
Jason Gross holds the checkered flag at Rice Lake Speedway in the Dirt Modified class
Jason Gross holds the checkered flag at Rice Lake Speedway in the Dirt Modified class

"The season has been real good for us so far," team representative Justin Gross said. "We picked up a win at our home track, Rice Lake Speedway, and we've managed to run well with the USMTS guys when we run with them. We are picking up a new car from David Reutimann soon and we are real excited about that too.

"We met with them earlier this year in Florida, and we are looking forward to getting some of that NASCAR engineering on the front end. That will help our program a lot."

Gross said the win at Rice Lake Speedway was the best moment of the season so far, noting that Jason had to drive through the field from the 8th starting position on a fast, dry track. Those tricky track conditions have also hurt the team, and several others in Wisconsin and Minnesota as unpredictable weather has constantly changed the tracks.

"Last Saturday, for instance, it was a real nice day. The car was good in the heat race, really fast. So we made our changes for the feature and in the middle of the race before us, it just started pouring rain. The track took an hour to dry, got real tacky and we ended up finishing in eighth after starting tenth. You pretty much finish where you start.

"Staying on top of (the mechanical aspect) is one thing, but dealing with the weather up here is a big thing. The track also gets really rough because the clay can't hold the moisture, so you're left with a choice of trying to go fast and tearing your car up, or just riding around."

Gross and his team are looking forward to taking the new car to the next USMTS race in August at Rice Lake. After running around in a car that was down on power and still almost grabbing a top-5 finish, Gross said they are excited for a chance to "see how we match up."

Gross said GR Motorsports is thankful for the help K&N provides the team, giving them a chance to be competitive every weekend.

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"In the past, you could wipe your finger in the carburetor and there was dust in it. With the K&N Filter, we have never had dirt in the carburetor. Having dirt in your motor can be catastrophic. A lost of people overlook the oil filter as well, it plays just as big a part in keeping our motors clean."

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