The Miles Keep Rolling On for K&N's Famous Million Mile Truck

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Carl Judice, K&N's "Million Mile Man"
Carl Judice, K&N's "Million Mile Man"
Do you remember Carl Judice? Carl drove his 1998 Chevrolet pickup truck more than one million miles using the same K&N air filter. One million miles is nothing short of miraculous for a vehicle. But for K&N, Carl's accomplishment meant something more. Every K&N air filter is designed to last for the lifetime of a vehicle, and carries our famous Million Mile Limited Warranty®.
Carl Judice's famous Million Mile Truck still lives on at K&N's Corporate Headquarters in Riverside, California
Carl Judice's famous Million Mile Truck still lives on at K&N's Corporate Headquarters in Riverside, California

Carl showed us that a vehicle's lifetime does not have to be limited to six digits on the odometer. In reward for his amazing accomplishment, and for putting our air filter to the ultimate test, K&N bought Carl a new 2007 Chevrolet Silverado to replace his million mile pickup truck. That was over 5 years ago; however the story doesn't end there.

K&N purchased Carl Judice's million mile truck and brought it and its million mile air filter back to our corporate headquarters in Riverside, CA. The truck still runs and drives, with its original engine still intact. In fact, it even passes a California smog check with flying colors. "Through an outstanding relationship K&N has established with Universal Technical Institute (UTI), we have decided to use K&N's Million Mile Truck as an education and training tool," said Steve Gibson, Program Coordinator at K&N. "We sent the truck over to the UTI campus in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where it has already spent 8 months moving from course to course. Each course at UTI, like brakes, undercar, driveability, emissions, had an opportunity to learn about vehicle durability in their respective areas. When a class would identify a part that was worn out and needed to be replaced, they would notify me, and K&N would authorize the repair," Gibson said. "These students are the future employees of the automotive industry. They may never see another vehicle like this one. I'm glad they have such an amazing opportunity. Hopefully they will remember this later in their career."
Students at Universal Technical Institute perform maintenance and repair work on the Million Mile Truck.
Students at Universal Technical Institute perform maintenance and repair work on the Million Mile Truck.

So what is next for this amazing machine? The K&N Million Mile Truck will be featured at the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT) Conference, July 16-20, 2012 in Tyler, Texas, so other automotive technology teachers will have an opportunity to see firsthand how regular vehicle maintenance is a key part of making your vehicle live a long life. How is the truck getting to Texas? "Of course, we are driving it!" said Gibson. "With the tune up work which was completed by UTI, I think she's more than capable of making the journey. Our friends at Cooper Tires even donated a set of Cooper Discoverer AT/3 tires because the legacy of this truck fits their company slogan "Life Is a Road Trip."

Watch for the K&N Million Mile Truck on the road this summer, and learn how you can find a lifetime air filter for your own personal vehicle.

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