410 Winged Sprint Car Racer Austin McCarl Has a Busy and Productive Weekend

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Austin McCarl recently earned a spot of the podium at Huset's Speedway, in Brandon, South Dakota.
Austin McCarl recently earned a spot of the podium at Huset's Speedway, in Brandon, South Dakota.
Austin McCarl and his crew recently pulled into Rapid Speedway, at Rock Rapids, Iowa, anxious to get a busy weekend underway. Running in the 410 class, Austin didn't lack confidence. Although he hadn't raced on this track since 2010, memories of his first career victory at this exact venue were still etched in his mind, which was more than enough to get him wound up and anxious to get the show underway. "It's a really wide, short track that puts on great races," recalled McCarl. "It's a track that's fun for both the fans and the drivers. I knew we had a great shot at the win."

Facing gale-force winds, McCarl and the other drivers had no other choice but to accept the hand Mother Nature had dealt them. That in mind, McCarl lined up for his heat and anxiously waited for the waving of the green flag. After experiencing a race that he referred to as "kind of hairy," Austin McCarl had earned a starting position for the feature in row five. A fierce battle ensued, and when the dust had settled Austin Mccarl had managed to cross the stripe in eighth place.

Rolling into Huset's Speedway, in Brandon, South Dakota later that weekend, McCarl finished fifth in the qualifying round. As the invert was four, the driver was scheduled to start from the third row in his heat. After barely escaping a crash in the second lap, he considered himself fortunate when a yellow flag came out for fellow drivers, Greg Bakker and Mark Dobmeier. This would prove a perfect opportunity to reevaluate.
Austin McCarl is looking forward to getting as much seat time as possible during the 2012 season.
Austin McCarl is looking forward to getting as much seat time as possible during the 2012 season.

With the race back underway, Austin McCarl focused on passing the drivers standing between him and the lead position. After taking Jody Rosenboom, McCarl embarked upon a heated battle with Lynton Jeffery for a few laps prior to taking over the third place spot. By this time the leading two drivers, Ian Madson and his father, Terry McCarl, had a comfortable lead. Austin had no intentions of letting up though, and focused on hitting his marks, until finally running them down. The driver took second place when Madson lost control and spun into a 360, and was in hot pursuit of his dad. His hopes of taking the lead ended though when a lapped driver slowed him down. In fact, Madson eventually passed Austin McCarl leaving him a third place finish. Although the first two spots would have proven more rewarding the young driver was elated to have a position on the podium and stressed that he "hadn't had that much fun in a long time."

When asked if he enjoys racing in the same class as his dad, Austin McCarl said, "Yes, a little bit. I grew up watching him all my life, so to be racing with him is a pretty cool thing." Referring to finishing behind him at Huset's, Austin continued, "It was only my third race back and I had a great car, so I was happy. But at the same time, I felt I had a legit shot at winning the race. To not win when you felt you had an opportunity was disappointing. My confidence level was high. I always go into everything I do with the intention of winning."

When asked how many races it will take to get his mental edge completely back, the driver explained, "I don't know an exact number, but a lot. I'm racing with the best guys in the world, who race one-hundred nights a year. It's just like anything- the more you do it, the better you will become. So I need to race as much as possible."

Not only has Austin McCarl acquired his share of experience from behind the wheel, but as a second generation driver, he has been around the sport for his entire life. That said, he is no stranger to the fact that maintenance plays a huge role in one's overall success. "Maintenance is the most important thing," shared Austin. "It can win and lose you races. In an effort to keep the internal components of his engine contaminant free, Austin McCarl depends upon K&N products. "We use their air filters, oil filters, air filter oil, and air filter cleaner," he explained. "They are the best that money can buy."

McCarl appreciates the support he gets from his fans and sponsors. When asked what fans can expect throughout the remainder of the season, the driver's answer was short and to the point, "Hopefully, some wins and a lot of very solid runs."

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