Just A Bump In The Road For Pro-4 and Pro-2 Racer Carl Renezeder During Opening Weekend

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Throughout his career, Carl Renezeder has earned a staggering number of wins in the off-road scene.
Throughout his career, Carl Renezeder has earned a staggering number of wins in the off-road scene.
In the world of racing, some drivers roll in, set the world on fire for a few seasons, and then fizzle out. There are some drivers, on the other hand, whose hard work, determination and skills earn the respect of other drivers, and fans of the sport. Carl Renezeder fits this mold to a T. In fact, he has been earning respect from his fellow drivers and fans of off-road racing for nearly twenty years. Simply put, his record speaks for itself.

Between 1994 and 2002, Renezeder logged nine CORR wins, seven of which were in the Pro-2 class and the remaining two in the Pro-4. During this time span the driver also earned spots on the podium on several other occasions as well. Renezeder won the SCORE Baja 1000 in 1994, and grabbed two podium finishes in SCORE Baja 500.

When 2003 rolled around, Carl Renezeder had no intentions of letting up. In fact, at the season's end, he had managed to clinch eight COOR wins, three in the Pro-2 class and five in the Pro-4. His stellar performance throughout the season earned him a championship title. During his quest for the championship, he picked up the Borg Warner Championship and finished second in the CORR Pro-2 points race.

With every season, Renezeder's success continued to soar, and in turn, his accomplishments grew more impressive. Earning various championship titles on an array of classifications, the driver obviously knows what it takes to be a fixture on the podium. After finishing 2011 with the LOORS Pro-4 championship under his belt, and two Pro-2 wins, his career record was staggering to say the least. Throughout the years, Carl Renezeder has managed to earn ninety-seven Short Course wins in thirteen seasons, and was an eight-time national champion. One would be hard pressed to find any driver who wouldn't be elated with those kinds of numbers.

"The key to my consistency has always been my team members," explained the driver. "They develop my race trucks with a focus on working with my marketing partners. My most memorable season was 2007," he continued. "That was the year I had the most wins." In fact, Carl Renezeder earned the CORR Pro-4 Championship, eight CORR Pro-4 wins, finished third in the CORR Pro-2 points, and had seven CORR Pro-2 wins that season. The driver also managed to log three WSORR Pro 4X4 wins, three Pro 2WD victories, and won the 40th Annual SCORE Baja 1000 with Rivera Racing.
Although they have experienced a string of bad luck thus far in 2012, Carl Renezeder and his team are looking forward to success throughout the remainder of the season.
Although they have experienced a string of bad luck thus far in 2012, Carl Renezeder and his team are looking forward to success throughout the remainder of the season.

Team Renezeder began the 2012 season with full intentions of carrying on their winning tradition, and still have the opportunity to do so, as time is plenty between now and the final race of the year. That said, in spite of Carl Renezeder's experience and skills and the teams hard work, they recently haven't been able to get things to fall their way.

The opening weekend, started well for the team, but as the event progressed, bad luck did also. After a productive practice, Renezeder qualified on the pole with his Lucas Oil Pro-2 Nissan Titan, and second in his Pro-4 truck. Kicking the season of in the Pro-4 class, it quickly became evident that the truck was having its problems. Losing his front wheel drive, Carl went into survival mode and in turn was forced to take a sixth place finish.

With the invert starting Carl Renezeder outside row tow in the Pro-4 class, he had already muscled his way to second place in the field by the thirteenth lap. Everything seemed to be going as planned until major contact with Robbie Woods in the first turn of the following lap ended the day.

Although immediately plagued with electrical problems on the following day, Carl and his crew quickly made the needed repairs and he qualified number one in the Pro-4. Confident his stroke of bad luck was behind him, the driver eagerly began the Pro-2 qualifying run. As luck would have it, brake problems reared their ugly head right off of the bat and eventually lent to a full-course yellow, and a crash from behind. Hard work and determination got the truck back up and running, and Renezeder managed to maneuver from his twelfth place starting position in the feature to sixth in lap ten, but the truck lost all power in the following lap, deeming the day over.

Recently rolling into Speedworld Raceway Park in Surprise, Arizona, Carl Renezeder was geared up and ready to roll. When the dust had settled and the checkered flag had flown, the driver had taken third place in the Pro-2 class of the 2012 Lucas Oil Off-Road event.

Throughout the years, experience has taught Renezeder that each and every driver will see their set backs. "You have to realize there is always good and bad when you race," shared Renezeder. "You take the bad and learn from it; keep going and never give up. Learn from everything."

Carl Renezeder and his team are more than ready for their luck to turn, and return to the winning tradition that they have become accustomed to. Of course, the driver's experience, patience and perseverance will ultimately play a huge role in their success, but Renezeder is also acutely aware of that peak performance of their trucks is essential. That in mind, he depends upon K&N products to keep their engines contaminant free.

"Maintenance is very important, because first you have to finish before you can win," explained the driver. "We use K&N air and oil filters. We also use their air filter cleaner and air filter oil. We use them because we feel they are the best products for our trucks," he continued. "K&N produces the best products on the market today."

When asked what he enjoys most about racing, Carl Renezeder said, "I enjoy the competition, the thrill of flying through the air, and the relationships I've built with my sponsors. Without our sponsors and fans, we wouldn't be able to do what we do," continued Renezeder. They're number one on our priority list." In closing, the driver said, "Thank you for the support."

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