Billy Wease Anticipates a Stellar Season in the Must See Xtreme Sprint Car Series

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Wing racing is a lot more demanding on equipment, and you really have to keep a keen eye on parts that go on the car.
Wing racing is a lot more demanding on equipment, and you really have to keep a keen eye on parts that go on the car.
Billy Wease of Noblesville, Indiana, is no stranger to the sport of racing. In fact, throughout the years, Wease has driven USAC Sprint Cars, Midgets, and Silver Crown for Western Speed and K&N. That said, the driver is excited about this season, not only due to a passion for the sport of racing, but he is also eager to experience his first full season in the Must See Xtreme Sprint Car Series with the support of Jerry Powell Racing.

"Driving a pavement sprint car with a wing on it is one of the fastest cars out there," explained Wease. "It takes a lot of trust in the car to really go fast. The series is great. Must See Racing does an awesome job promoting the series and drivers. Every race this year, the stands have been pretty full, and that's a hard thing to do nowadays in short track racing. The series really takes good care of the owners and drivers. They also have a television deal with NBC Sports and Versus."

One might ponder what string of events lead Jerry Powell to inviting Wease to race on his team. According to the driver, the seed was likely planted during the Rumble in Fort Wayne Midget Race. "He came up to me after the race and asked me to drive his car this year in the Must See Series," recalled Wease. After seeing Powell's cars run well during previous outings, Wease welcomed the opportunity to fill the spot as a member of the team. "Getting Jerry his first pavement win would be really exciting," shared the driver. "Helping him become one of the top car owners on the series would be really awesome. He has high expectations of me, and I don't want to let him down."

When asked his thought on what would lead to success during the 2012 season, Wease said, "I think the key to success is hard work, and determination to get the cars driving really well and staying fast throughout the entire races. Working with the wing is a big key to gong fast in this series. You also have to be able to not have any issues with things breaking and putting you out of contention. Wing racing is a lot more demanding on equipment, and you really have to keep a keen eye on parts that go on the car."
The series really takes good care of the owners and drivers.
The series really takes good care of the owners and drivers.

When asked about the outcome of the season thus far, Wease recalled rolling into Pensacola, Florida, where their first race of 2012 was scheduled. After finishing second in his heat, the car was obviously fast. Starting on the fifteenth position in the feature, Wease quickly maneuvered his way near the front of the field. Everything appeared to be going as planned until a broken waterline caused the driver to crash hard coming out of turn two, not only costing him his fourth place spot, but putting the team out of commission for the next two scheduled races.

The team has since returned to racing and has experienced their fair share of success. "This last race, the Payless Little 500 lap race at Anderson Speedway, really gave me a lot of confidence for the rest of the season," explained the driver. "We ended up finishing second, and came really close to winning it. We got the Rookie of the Race. That's probably one of the toughest races to win in the country."

Of course, Billy Wease's driving skills will prove essential if he and Powell intend to be contenders for the championship at the season's end. That said though, Wease is also quick to credit his team and explain that their performance is important as well. "My team plays a very important role in how we do each race. It's a team effort, and you have to have good guys going to the track with you, that know what's going on and can help get the car going in the right direction. It's really hard to do it by yourself."

Billy Wease is also acutely aware of the importance of maintenance and depends upon K&N products to keep his engine running debris free. "Maintenance is a huge key to success," he explained. "You really have to go to the race track prepared for anything to happen. You have to know your car, and understand how to do things in the proper fashion in order to avoid other problems."

Referring to keeping the internal parts of his engine clean, Wease continued, "I have been using K&N filters on my four-wheelers since I was thirteen years old. I have also used K&N filters on all of my vehicles since my first truck. K&N provides the most air flow of any filter on the market, which means more horsepower. I have never had a problem with any K&N product that I have used, and they do great work. Knowing that I have the best and lightest filters on the race car will be key, and I'll have the comfort of knowing that I won't have any problems, as K&N really makes quality products."

When asked his expectations for the remainder of the season, Billy Wease said, "Hopefully, some wins will come our way, and we'll get the monkey off of our back with all the bad luck we have had in the beginning races. I really pride myself on being a crowd pleaser, and hope to keep fans on their feet all race long!"

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