The 3rd Annual K&N Spring Fling 20s a Rip-Roaring Success for Racers and Fans

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18-year-old Denver Maltba earned the big check racing his high school graduation present, and he made the events inaugural winner, his uncle Junior Houston proud by keeping the trophy in the family.
18-year-old Denver Maltba earned the big check racing his high school graduation present, and he made the events inaugural winner, his uncle Junior Houston proud by keeping the trophy in the family.
Imagine setting out to throw a little get-together for friends and having it develop into a full-blown, rip-roaring rage, with everyone having so much fun they don't want it to end. 2012 K&N Spring Fling 20s promoters Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel know exactly what that's all about, and now that the word is out, there's no telling how massive the 2013 must-attend event may become.

"We never expected this big of turnout. We had 459 cars this year on Saturday, where last year we had 315 on the same day," commented Seipel. "I think the single most important factor is putting bracket racers on the big stage. We have the event at a premier facility, we have four days of live audio/video broadcast (90k viewers in 4 days), a 30-minute nationally televised TV show dedicated to our event, live driver interviews from the quarterfinals on, a big trophy, winner's circle champion hats and a champion's jacket also included. The overall reaction to our event has been outstanding. With racers telling us it was the best race they have ever been to."

After four days of first-rate racing, with 37 different states and three different countries competing in just one fast bracket class, the K&N Spring Fling 20s presented by Sparco came to a close, but the echoes of exploding horsepower and frenzied fans echoes on. Not since the old Moroso 5-Day Bracket Championships or earlier versions of the Million Dollar Race have 450 cars assembled to run in one class at one single race. What Biondo and Seipel did at Bristol Dragway is to dial Bracket Racing up to eleven, by enhancing the way the event is experienced. During the four days of racing action at Bristol, fans were continuously streamed with over 40 hours of live video, live audio and live timing coverage of the event from start to finish.

"JEGS is very proud to present the newest and most enhanced live audio and video feed to bracket race fans across the world at the 3rd annual K&N Spring Fling event. Co-promoters Kyle Seipel and Pete Biondo have a proven reputation on the race track as fierce competitors and champions and with the successes of the Spring Fling their reputation as promoters has raised them to the top!" stated Jeg Coughlin, Jr. of JEGS. "This type of technology and audience appeal is why JEGS is excited to be a part of this cutting edge bracket race."

In addition to the posted purse in each round the best losing package was awarded products from a number of sponsors. Over $30,000 in product giveaways were added to the already hefty cash purse. However, what pushed this year's event totally over the top was the seemingly Hollywood scripted ending that saw the blazing light of stardom intensely focused on 18-year-old Denver Maltba. As a Thunder Valley's regular, Maltba collected Sunday's $20,000 victory by using a little home-track advantage and his graduation present.

Maltba graduated from high school on Friday night and was given a brand new dragster which he immediately put to good use. Maltba, who lives in Newland, North Carolina, drove his 2012 Racetech dragster to a crowd pleasing win over Jeff Strickland. In Sunday's final round, Strickland had a quicker .005 reaction time, but ended up on the losing end at the stripe. Maltba left the starting line with a .010 R.T. and raced through the line in 6.108 seconds (6.08 dial-in) at 162.33 mph. Strickland crossed the finish in 6.266 seconds (6.18 dial-in) at 149.51 mph in his runner-up effort. By winning the 2012 Spring Fling, Maltba keeps the trophy in the family. It was two years ago, at the inaugural event, when Maltba's uncle, Junior Houston won the JEGS Sunday race.

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