Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports Eagerly Gets 2012 Underway at LOORRS Race

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Patrick Clark joined team Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports in 2012 and is anticipating a successful season.
Patrick Clark joined team Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports in 2012 and is anticipating a successful season.
Team Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports recently embarked upon the first two rounds of the LOORRS series at the Firebird International Raceway, located in Chandler, Arizona. Experiencing a few changes during the off-season, the crew hit the track with confidence that good things were to come in 2012.

Racing in the opening rounds of the series, Jerry Daugherty and his E3Spark Plugs Pro 4 #23 truck were eager to get the show underway. After qualifying eleventh for the opening round of racing, the driver was determined to push through the field and earn a good finishing position on Saturday. When the race was over, Daugherty was happy with the results as he had worked his way to the seventh position at the waving of the checkered flag.

Once again qualifying eleventh on the following day, the driver had no intentions of simply following the field of drivers ahead of him. In fact, at the race's end, he had managed to muscle his way to a sixth place finish. As the Pro 2 class rolled onto the track, team Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports eagerly awaited the waving of the green flag. Their new team member, Patrick Clark, was gearing up to make his Pro 2 rookie debut against a field of tough drivers. After experiencing carburetor problems, the Clark managed to position the Pro 2 #52 in the tenth spot for the opening round. After an entertaining and fierce battle, the newest member of the team took a seventh place finish.
Patrick Clark earned a Fast Lap award during his Pro 4 rookie debut with the Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports team.
Patrick Clark earned a Fast Lap award during his Pro 4 rookie debut with the Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports team.

When round two rolled around, Clark was determined to experience a better start than he had during round one. That said, the driver qualified in the sixth position, and after the first place qualifier, Rob MacCachren pulled a six from the hat, the field was inverted six positions. The inversion put Clark exactly where he wanted to be. He was on the pole and after a hard fought race, the driver crossed the finish line in seventh place. Although he would have preferred a spot on the podium, Clark did manage to set the fastest lap of the race.

"The Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports team has a high level of confidence going into the 2012 season," explained Jerry Daugherty. "We have made many changes and added improvements to all aspects of our organization. The most exciting change that has been made to our organization is the addition of Patrick Clark, and the Pro 2 #52 program to our team. Patrick is a great driver with great things ahead of him. The inclusion of Patrick and the Pro2 #52 brings a complete package to our Pro Program, as well as an excitement toward new success."

When asked the key to success throughout the 2012 season, Daugherty continued, "I have felt that my Pro 4 program has been gathering steam this season," shared Daugherty. "We are doing what we can to get seat time and to gain speed. I feel that we have the ability to improve during each round of racing," he continued. "In our opinion, the keys to success for the 2012 season have been to enlist a great team, maintain a high level of expectation with respect to equipment, implement driver training, and to stay out of trouble. We will follow this mentality throughout the season, and hope for a great outcome."

Referring to his truck's performance thus far, Jerry Daugherty said, "I have a great truck and a great crew. Collectively, with my foot on the gas, we have the ability to win races. Our goal in 2012 is to have each of our entries on the podium at least once."
Racing in the Pro 2 class, Jerry Daugherty is excited about what might transpire in 2012.
Racing in the Pro 2 class, Jerry Daugherty is excited about what might transpire in 2012.

"I believe that Patrick is a great addition to our team," he continued. "He is young, energetic, and brings many qualities to the organization. He has not only worked hard at his Pro 2 program, but has also become an intricate part of the team. He has assisted me in my program; stepped into spotting for me, and collaborates with both me and Aaron in order to gain position on the track in all classes. It is our goal to bring my years of experience together with his young and energetic perspective in an effort to progress all programs."

Along with Patrick Clark, a new V-8 Pro Lite driven by Aaron Daugherty has been added to the Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports team. According to Jerry Daugherty, "The Jesse Lewis built truck is proving to be a great piece of equipment, and one that is extremely competitive."

Although the Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports team has experienced its share of change between 2011 and 2012, they are still firm believers in the performance of K&N products. In fact, the team uses K&N oil and air filters, filter wraps, air filter cleaner, and spray oil, and has been depending upon their products since the 1980's.

"K&N products have never failed in all of my years if use," explained Daugherty. "The air filters keep the dirt out, and the engine free of debris without restricting air flow. This is extremely important when you're trying to maintain engine performance on the track."

In closing, Jerry Daugherty said, "I feel that the Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports team will consistently move toward the front of the pack in short course. We have implemented a strategic goal plan that we as a team will continue to work toward. Most importantly, we are working on gaining speed and improving position. As always, the fans can expect great effort and an appreciation for the greatest fans on racing."

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