Team Can-Am/Motoworks Conquers the Mexican Desert in the San Felipe 250

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Josh Frederick and Dillion Zimmerman averaged 41.22 miles per hour and crossed the finish line more than twelve minutes ahead of the second placed team.
Josh Frederick and Dillion Zimmerman averaged 41.22 miles per hour and crossed the finish line more than twelve minutes ahead of the second placed team.
Can-Am/Motoworks team riders Josh Frederick and Dillion Zimmerman recently headed to the Mexican Desert with intentions of putting a win under their belts. Riding in the Pro ATV Class 25, at the 2012 SCORE San Felipe 250 desert race, Josh Frederick was no stranger to competing in the series. Zimmerman, on the other hand was on the verge of embarking upon his first SCORE race. The rider would quickly become acquainted with the fact that the fans were plentiful, and the locals were more than eager to cheer his team on.

According to Team Can-Am/Motoworks owner, Johnny Leach, "Both Josh and Dillon went into the race confident, but not over confident. They both knew they could physically finish the race. We had not done a race in Mexico as a team. We had our reservations. However, both riders understood what is was going to take to finish, and they both took good care of the quad. The key to this particular race was preparation," he continued. "The strategy of the pit stops and longevity of the quads was the key to our success. We had zero anxiety about Dillon racing that race. He grew up racing desert races. He is the only other choice for me other than Josh."

Although one of the last teams to be let off the start, Zimmerman and Frederick had no intentions of experiencing anything other than success. In fact, Josh Frederick had already taken over the lead prior to handing the quad over to his teammate at the ninety five mile marker.

Eager to tackle one of the most rigorous sections of the course on the Can-AM DS450, Zimmerman maneuvered his way through a plethora of rocky areas, washes and other technical challenges. Prior to reaching the one-hundred-seventy mile marker, where Frederick was to take the quad back over, Zimmerman hit a large rock. Although the seat sustained damage and came off of the ATV, the rider never let up. That said, the final fifty miles leading to the check point was rough, to say the least.

Still leading the pack, Frederick manned the quad for the final stretch of the race. Experiencing a great run, the rider's good fortune suddenly went south when he crashed with eighty miles to go. Although the quad was damaged, he was too close to victory to call it quits. Using a rock as a make-shift hammer, he bent the sprocket back in place, dusted himself off and continued on. Managing to hold on to the lead he crossed the finish line twelve minutes ahead of the next team driver. When the dust had settled the Can-Am/Motoworks Team had averaged 41.22 miles per hour, and tackled the entire course in just over six hours. In turn they had earned the victory and top spot on the podium.

Johnny Leach, Josh Frederick and Dillon Zimmerman are all acutely aware that maintenance will play a huge role in their success through the remainder of the season. That in mind, they will depend upon K&N products to combat the dusty environment that is inevitable in their sport.

"We use almost every product that K&N sells," explained Leach, "air filters, oil filters, cleaners and airbox lids. Anything that has to do with filtration, we use. We have been with K&N since day one. We started the team in 2008, and have been with K&N ever since. We are proud to have K&N as a sponsor."

When asked his take on K&N products, the owner said, "It's simple. Without K&N you will not finish the season. Pure and simple. The results speak for themselves," he explained. "You cannot go out and race something like the San Felipe 250 and win without K&N. The conditions down there are nasty. We finished the entire race without changing one filter. We wouldn't try these races without K&N."

Referring to the remainder of the 2012 season, Johnny Leach said, "The list of events we are participating in is staggering. We are racing WORCS, AMA Nationals, GNCC, The European Championship, French Championship and the Italian Championship. In addition, we are racing the San Felipe 250, Baja 500, and the Baja 1000. We won the three-hour Le Touquet in France," he continued. "We are racing the twelve-hour Pont de Vaux, in France in August. We are racing the twelve-hour race of Le Toque, in Canada in May, and the Silver State 300 in the weeks to come. We have a full plate. Thank God we have K&N."

In closing, he said, "The best message I can relay is to have fun! If it becomes a business and we don't remember why we have our kids involved, we have missed the point. The ATV family is incredible. We go to the races for a reason. Keep sight of that reason, and the wins will come. If they don't, then oh well; at least you’re having fun."

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