Zaskowoski Motorsports Experiences a Great Weekend at The JEGS NHRA Cajun SPORTnationals

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Brad Zaskowski recently missed the tri-fecta at Belle Rose, Louisiana while driving a 2010 Cobra Jet owned by Downing Farms.
Brad Zaskowski recently missed the tri-fecta at Belle Rose, Louisiana while driving a 2010 Cobra Jet owned by Downing Farms.
Team Zaskowski Motorsports recently embarked upon a long drive from Belding, Michigan to Belle Rose, Louisiana. Upon reaching their destination the crew was more than likely elated to have the journey behind them. They hadn't necessarily grown tired of driving, but they were anxious to get the JEGS NHRA Cajun SPORTSnationals underway.
Bill Zaskowski recently made a showing at the JRGS NHRA SPORTSnatioanls at Belle Rose,Louisiana in his Chevy II.
Bill Zaskowski recently made a showing at the JRGS NHRA SPORTSnatioanls at Belle Rose,Louisiana in his Chevy II.

Bill Zaskowski, the patriarch of the family lined up in the Super Stock Class behind the wheel of his Chevy II. As the team had anticipated, the driver saw his fair share of success down in Cajun country. In fact, after a .002 reaction time in the first round, Bill came up just a few thousandths short of the win. Racing in the Stock J/S class, Bill's son, Brad began the event on a positive note and continued a great run throughout all three days of racing.

Driving a 2010 Cobra Jet, owned by Downing Farms, Brad took his class, qualifying him to run in the bonus CIC race, an event where Stock and Super Stock class winners compete against each other off their indexes. When all was said and done, Brad had earned the title of CIC race champion and was looking forward to the final day of the weekend. In fact, of 106 cars scheduled to compete in the event, the driver managed to whittle his competitors down to eight cars before making it to the quarter-finals. With only three rounds left, the Zaskowski finally experienced defeat. Although he would have rather earned the win, Brad had no reason to grow discouraged, as he ended the weekend only three rounds shy of pulling off the tri-fecta.

Although Brad Zaskowski's performance was incredible throughout the entire event, there was a point during the first day of racing when the driver was almost forced to cut the weekend short. "The key to success was getting the car back together before class, after breaking the 3-link on the car during the second qualifying run," recalled Brad Zaskowski. "When the third link broke, it sent the drive shaft up into the mount and destroyed the end of the shaft. Wirth only a few hours from the last qualifying run until the first round of class, there wasn't much time to get the car fixed. We needed to repair the drive shaft or find one the same length, which is like finding a needle in a haystack."

"Jeff Teuton's shop was near by, and he had a bunch of drive shafts," he continued, "but none the right length. Although Jeff didn't have one, he suggested that Jim Schaechter might have one that would work, and it did," he continued. "I was about five minutes from loading the car up and calling it a weekend, and then Jim had this drive shaft that was perfect."

When asked his thoughts about the reaching the quarter-finals out of a field in excess of one-hundred cars, Zaskowski said, "My confidence level was high on Sunday. After the wins on Friday and Saturday, Sunday felt like there was nothing to lose and I was just having fun!"

Of course, the entire Zaskowski Motorsports team enjoys standing in the winner's circle but there are other element of racing that they find of importance as well, one being tradition. When asked his thoughts on competing in the sport as a family, Brad said, "My dad races and my brother, Shane, also races with us in the Stock Class. Racing is very important to us as a family; it is what we have always done. Dad was racing before I was born, and we have always gone to the races together as a family."

As a second generation Driver, Brad is acutely aware of the importance of keeping their vehicles properly maintained. In fact, team Zaskowski Motorsports depends upon K&N products to keep their engines contaminant free. "We have been using K&N air filters on our street cars as long as I can remember. It was always the best option when purchasing a filter. The oil filters are great, and we have been using them on all three race cars since K&N started making them," he continued. "The wrench-off nut on the bottom is a great advantage too, where we have very little room to use a standard filter wrench."

"K&N's new inline fuel filter is the new must have product for us this year," stated Zaskowski. "We just had three of these filters delivered to us a few weeks ago, and they look great! K&N is the best. There is no other filter company that comes close! If we can't keep the engines clean on the inside, there is no way they are going to last and run as good as they do for us."

Referring to the key to success during the remainder of the 2012 season, the driver said, "I think it's just going out and having fun at the races. It has worked for us in the past, and we are just going to keep doing that." When asked what fans can expect from Zaskowski Motorsports in 2012, the driver said, "I hope you can expect to see us in the winner's circle more! We have a full schedule of races for the year that are going to be in full swing here soon and we can't wait!"

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