Brady Bacon and Wilke-Pak Motorsports Have Ups and Downs at the Midget Stampede

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After taking the win at Cowtown, Brady Bacon and Wilke-Pak Motorsports experienced mechanical difficulties on night two.
After taking the win at Cowtown, Brady Bacon and Wilke-Pak Motorsports experienced mechanical difficulties on night two.
Pulling into Dallas, Texas, Brady Bacon and team Wilke-Pak Motorsports were geared up for a battle at "The Midget Stampede in Dallas" at the Cowtown Speedway. Racing in the USAC National Midgets class, the driver went into the first night of the event confident. "Going into any race, we always have a pretty high confidence level," shared Bacon. "I believe every competitor's confidence is pretty high before any event."

Driving the Wilke-Pak Motorsport #11 the driver started the night off with a bang, winning his heat race, a standard he planned to follow for the remainder of the night. "It's always a good boost for the night to win the heat race," he explained. "It lets you know that you have a car that is in tune with the track and you hope to carry that to the main."

Starting on the pole position after earning top points in a sixty-six car field, the driver took the lead early and never looked back. In fact, when the dust had settled, Bacon had managed to hold the lead throughout the entire race and at the waving of the checkered flag had scored a three thousand dollar victory.

Although holding the lead from start to finish, that was no indication that Brady wasn't contended. "We were challenged for most of the race," Bacon recalled. "It was someone I wasn't familiar with, but I'll tell you what, he was one heck of a racer." Referring to Cowtown Raceway, he continued, "It's a great track, and offers a driver with great skills the opportunity to really excel above the rest."
Brady Bacon recently earned the checkered flag at the Midget Stampede in Dallas, at the Cowtown Speedway.
Brady Bacon recently earned the checkered flag at the Midget Stampede in Dallas, at the Cowtown Speedway.

With a win under his belt on Friday night, Bacon return to Cowtown on the following day with anticipation of continuing where he had left off. That said, his luck went south when the driver experienced mechanical difficulties. "It was a let-down to drop out of the Saturday feature, but it was a mechanical failure that not even we could prevent," explained the driver. "The brake line broke at the master cylinder. It's the first time in our team's history that this type of malfunction has happened. We would have been a serious contender for the win," he explained. "We had a great car, and although we got caught up in an early crash, we were up to seventh from last in just about seven laps."

Although the final day of the event was filled with disappointment, Brady Bacon and team Wilke-Pak Motorsports are more than ready to put that stroke of bad luck behind them and are looking forward to what might transpire during the remainder of the 2012 season. "In midget racing, a lot of the major events that used to hold a lot of luster have faded," recalled Bacon. "But we always look forward to such events like the 'Belleville Midget Nationals,' 'Night Before The 500,' and the 'Turkey Night Grand Prix.'"

When asked the key to success during future races, Bacon said, "Well, in any motorsports event, the main key to success is competing at a high level. But more importantly, you have to finish the race and have a good driver and reliable equipment."

The driver and his team are also aware that maintenance plays a huge role in keeping their equipment in optimal working condition. "Maintenance is a top priority at Wilke-Pak Motorsports," he explained. "There are few teams in the sport that are as particular and stringent on maintenance as Wilke-Pak." Referring to keeping their engines contaminant free, he continued, "We use the K&N Carbon Fiber midget air box, and their breather and oil filters. We have been associated with K&N for more than ten years, using their products religiously for our filter needs. Anytime you can have a quality product like K&N filters, it not only helps you achieve the highest probability of winning, but it gives you peace of mind. It's refreshing to know that your engine is going to be protected in the harshest of conditions."

Referring to what he and his team plans to deliver to their fans and sponsors in 2012, Brady Bacon concluded, "Wins and Records! Come out and support Midget and local racing!"

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