Freestyle Motocross Rider Destin Cantrell Shows New Kawasaki KX450F and Fresh Tricks in 2012

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Cantrell has made a name for himself with his gravity-defying whips.
Cantrell has made a name for himself with his gravity-defying whips.
When you're competing in a sport where disaster looms at the end of every jump, the equipment you use can be just as important as your own abilities. So Destin Cantrell, one of the rising stars of freestyle motocross, made the switch to a new bike in 2012, a Kawasaki KX450F.
Cantrell practicing a Cliffhanger at his Southern California training grounds.
Cantrell practicing a Cliffhanger at his Southern California training grounds.

"I switched ultimately to get on an all-around better bike," Cantrell said. "To me the Kawasaki is a lot better and just suits me perfectly. I was on a Yamaha for a while, so it was good to make a switch and get on a new bike for the New Year."

Cantrell is hoping the switch in bikes will help elevate him to an elite level of freestyle and ultimately lead to an invite to the X-Games and the Dew Tour; both events are considered the pinnacle of freestyle motocross. After a solid 2011, capped by a strong showing at the Dew Tour's Best Whip competition, Cantrell thinks he can take his signature trick and talents to the top of the sport, but he still needs to master one last move.

"Whips are by far my favorite trick," Cantrell said. "It's not something too many people can do really big, so it's cool to be able to. As most people know, I just need to get the flips down, and those will come when the time is right."

When the flips do come, look out. Cantrell has been mastering the whip and other freestyle tricks since he was 15, when he got his first taste of dirt bike competition without racing. "Racing was definitely my first passion," Cantrell said. "But when I got to try freestyle for the first time at fifteen, I loved it. Obviously I've stuck with it. I just enjoy freestyle more then going to the track everyday and putting motors in. A lot of my friends are racers and I have so much respect for them because it's so much hard work and the training is insane."

Cantrell is looking forward to the summer months and the opportunity to start showcasing his new ride, and K&N will be right there with him. "I love K&N products, they are amazing," Cantrell said. "The filters really give my bike more power, and on top of that they are just so easy to clean. I also use the cleaner on my tires and it just works wonders. I just have to thank K&N for sticking with me through my career, and also a big thanks to Johnny Jump and my family and other sponsors as well."

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