Jonathan Allard Wins a Remarkable 11 Times out of 15 Starts in New Zealand

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Jonathan Allard started 15 races in New Zealand and won 11, in the other four he ran second twice, finished fourth once, and had just one DNF.
Jonathan Allard started 15 races in New Zealand and won 11, in the other four he ran second twice, finished fourth once, and had just one DNF.
The first time Chico, California native, Jonathan Michael Allard ventured to the other side of the planet to race was 2004. On that trip he raced in Australia, it's easy to remember because that was also his first full year racing the World of Outlaws. The exact year he started racing in New Zealand isn't as simple to pin down.

"I've made the trip to New Zealand for a few years now," said Allard. "I love the atmosphere the tracks provide. With 10,000 plus people on hand any given night, it's an amazing place to race. We are also very fortunate to have the races on prime time TV every week throughout the year. The competition was tough all through the season because there are many local competitors that know how to win. We also had Sammy Swindel and Donny Shatz from the U.S. competing in many of the events."

With the competition getting tougher each year it makes Allard's accomplishments even that more impressive, in 15 race starts, Allard saw the checkered-flag first a total of 11 times. In the four races he didn't win, he ran second twice, finished fourth once, and had just a single DNF.

"I can't say enough about my guys," said Allard. "This car was bad fast since the day we hit the track back in December. I can't thank the good people at the Porter Group, Hydraulink, Albany Toyota, Valvoline and K&N enough for making this trip possible. The Porter Group/Hydraulink team that I race for is different than the team I race for here in the U.S.," continued Allard.

The Allard Motorsports team is based around Allard running and maintaining the team car. "It's a major undertaking, but it has been great challenge for me to take that on, I have learned a lot building and maintaining the cars," said Allard. "I put to use all the knowledge I've learned over the years to win in New Zealand, now it's time to apply what I've learned to our U.S. based team. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of such an achievement in New Zealand."

Allard's 2012 season in the U.S. started the day after arriving back from New Zealand. "It's great to jump in to racing straight away! We are very excited for the season ahead. Our goal for this year is to win races. If you win races the championships will follow. We Also want to promote our team and our products we use on the car. It's very important to our team to let the fans and competitors know what products we utilize to win races. We will accomplish this with our new promotion team headed up by PJ Peterson. We will now be better able to reach out to the public and other forums in and outside the racing venues."

"I look to have a successful 2012 season to come," adds Allard. "I'd like to take the opportunity to thank our friends at K&N for providing such great products for our team. We are on the cutting edge with the long term reliability that it takes to win races and championships! K&N has always been very involved with our team and provides us with situation of feeling like family! I feel grateful to be a part of that family."

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